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Come springtime, in many homes across the UK, a time honoured traditional is taking place.

Transforming the home from warm, snuggly, cosy winter to bright, light, airy spring. The rolling up of the warm textured rugs, packing away the fluffy throws, and the darker, richer colour tones to bring in the lively energy of spring.

It’s something growing up in Australia I found fascinating as we don’t have such dramatic seasonal changes. When it comes to the home I can see it’s definitely a way of coming out of the winter darkness and bringing in the light – a way to herald in the spring!

Traditionally spring colours are clear, light and warm. Colour tones like mint green, grass green, turquoise, sky blue, cream, buttercup, apricot and watermelon. You only have to look to nature to see these bright, crisp tones.

If the light, bright spring colours isn’t for you, then bring in the colours that mean spring to you. This is easy to do by looking for the lighter tones of your favourite colour palette.

Introducing a few accent colours in accessories, cushions, even flowers you’ll be able to quickly transform the mood of your home giving it a fresh new springtime look.

Yellow is traditionally the colour of spring and it just happens to be on trend right now. When we think of yellow we think sunshine, warmth, lifting our spirits.

So pull back the curtains, let the sunshine in. Have fun using colours that you love, colours that fill your home with the joy and happiness of spring.


Images as they appear: Emma BridgewaterLaura Ashley

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