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Charity Begins at Home is designed to empower you to drive positive change in your community at the same time as creating a beautiful home, and without costing you an extra penny. This means we need you!

It is each and every one of you that has the power to make your local area a happier and safer place to be, for yourselves, for your children and for future generations. As we roll-out our initiative across the UK, we want you to tell us what you love about your community, what you dislike, what you’d love to see more of and what projects need help.

We’re still a small and local company ourselves, so rest assured that each and every single voice will be heard and you will always get a response. Just head over to the ‘Contact Us‘ page and drop us a line, or leave us a comment below.

Finally, sharing is caring, so please share this with everyone you know (using the icons on the right hand side) and together let’s drive change, let’s bring our communities together and let’s smile at our neighbours!



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