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The shabby chic interior design style is a classic vintage home decor scheme that celebrates the beauty of imperfection. It merges distressed, worn furniture with a romantic mish-mash of whites, florals and pretty pastels, to create a warm, cottage feel. If you adore shabby chic, but want to tone down the frills, here are some ideas on how to sleek the shabby.

Strike the right balance between old and new

Not every item of furniture has to be worn and weathered. Instead, incorporate just one or two pieces and complement them with some modern lines.

shabby chic interior design style laura ashley

Don’t overdo the frills and ruffles

Too many ruffles and frills can close a room, making it appear overstuffed and cluttered. Stick to an ‘either, or’ rule. For a shabby chic living room, go with either frilly cushions and a simple, understated sofa or an elaborate sofa coverslip with plainer cushions. Likewise in the bedroom, pair ruffled pillows and duvets with a simple bedspread and cushions.

the white company shabby chic frills

Weave in accents of other interior design styles

Vintage home decor style goes hand-in-hand with the shabby side of chic. But why not try working shabby chic into a coastal style, or add shabby touches to a contemporary space? Pair modern furniture lines with shabby chic fabrics, such as the armchair and geometric side table below. In a shabby chic kitchen, pair pretty mis-match crockery with modern cupboard fronts and hardware.

marks and spencer shabby chic chair

Avoid overstuffing spaces

Shabby chic homes ooze cottage warmth and that often translates to spaces being packed full of flowers, hangings, antiques, china – you name it. To sleek up the look, keep accessories to a minimum. The bedroom below weaves in elements of shabby chic through its white palate and ornate chandelier, whilst creating a fresh, clean look through minimal accessories and some  modern furniture lines.

shabby chic bedroom the white company

Tone down the white

Instead of warming white with an array of pastels, try using shades of creams, ivories and beige. This will create a much sharper, more contemporary feel.


Control the colour palette

Shabby chic interiors can often be a mish-mash of pastels. Control the colour palette by pairing neutrals with a single bold statement shade, such as the deep silver below.

the white company shabby chic bedroom bold shade

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