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vintage home decor patchwork wall pockets

Patchwork is a key feature of any vintage home decor scheme. Guest blogger and master quilter Lucie Wakefield gives us some innovative ideas on how to add a splash of pretty patchwork to our homes. Over to Lucie.

I love every aspect of the gentle quiet art of patchwork and quilting; I love piecing quilts and I love the comfort that a patchwork quilt brings me on a cold, dark winter’s night. I have been piecing quilts for some twenty years and as often as I can I try to pass on my knowledge to those who are just starting out. I am passionate about patchwork and quilting. This is how I use quilts in my home.

vintage home decor patchwork quilt

First and foremost, I use quilts on my beds. I use bed quilts along with my duvets in the winter and without duvets in the summer. However, as things stand, I have enough quilts to cover each of my beds at least three or four times over. As I love making quilts and I still need my sewing fix, I moved onto making throws, wall hangings and every other imaginable type of useful and decorative quilt you can think of. Nowadays I have plenty of quilts in all shapes and sizes but I’m still trying to come up with different uses.

vintage home decor patchwork wall hanging

Did you know that you can turn small quilts into table runners, placemats and mug rugs themed for any season or occasion? You can even turn a quilt into wall pockets for storage in the nursery or sewing room. Quilts add colour, texture and interest to any room. And if you make such projects yourself you get that special sense of accomplishment that we all need once in a while.

vintage home decor patchwork Tea Cosy

There was a time when patchwork quilts were considered quite old fashioned but with today’s new colours and very lively fabrics suitable for patchwork they are certainly not old fashioned nowadays and in my experience patchwork is in great demand. I’m so very happy to report that the gentle quiet art of patchwork and quilting is rising in popularity because everyone wants a little touch of vintage home decor style that they have made themselves adorning their home.

vintage home decor patchwork quilts

Whether your choice of patchwork piece is a full size bed quilt, table centre or even a collection of quilts which you simply stack, you’re sure to bring colour, life and special vintage home decor style to your home.

Lucie Wakefield

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