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I am a true romantic. I love the idea of love. Grand gestures, hearts, flowers, candlelight, the works.

When I think of romance, the image my brain conjures up, is that of Robert Doisneau’s ‘The Kiss”(above), a 1950’s black and white photograph, of a couple, passionately kissing, on a busy sidewalk in Paris.

They are entirely caught up in each other, unaware that they are being photographed, oblivious to the people who may be passing and watching them, unintentional voyeurs of this intimate, fleeting moment in time.

To a certain extent, we are all voyeurs. What more do we love, than to look at other peoples photographs on show in their homes, and on the flipside, are we not also all exhibitionists? I take great pride in displaying my many images, of my family, friends, and significant others.

Photographs are our permanent memories. They are the enduring reminder of a special time, day or occasion. So often, nowadays, all these fun, fanciful or evocative moments are relegated to the memory chip in our phones, or a dusty CD in the back of a drawer. But they should be framed and exhibited with pride because, after all, they remind us of who we are, and what is important to us.

There are so many beautiful picture frames available in shops, in all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles. Large ones, small ones, singles, doubles and triples. Modern chrome shiny ones, rustic wooden ones, elegant shagreen ones and the classic wedding gift, a sterling silver one….

Use them! This Valentines Day is an excuse to finally print your pictures and display them!

Group them together, or place one alone as a focal point. Present them in a bookcase as a decorative feature, or on your bedside table.

In an instant, an empty corner becomes you, and your best friend, having a giggle together; or that space on your console, your child’s first birthday; and that rather boring lamp? The glow of sunset on your honeymoon….

I love the OKA faux Shagreen range.  Real Shagreen is made from shark skin and very expensive. But this faux range looks great, comes in a variety of sizes and colours and won’t break the bank.

oka shagreen

For something more expensive, or for an extra special gift, look at David Linley’s picture frames. His wooden marquetry frames are so beautifully crafted, I see them as modern antiques and a worthy investment. Prices from £90.00.

little LINLEY Duck Frame

How about injecting a kick of colour into your surroundings? For a more contemporary look or to brighten up a space, Oliver Bonas makes some eye-catching photo frames in four bright neon finishes.

Peter Jones/John Lewis carry a lovely selection too. They stock great designers like Vera Wang and Georg Jensen but also supply a large variety of more affordable designs to suit every pocket. Prices start from £10.00.

David Linley, Sycamore and Lacewood Duck photo frame £325.00

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