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Scientific research consistently shows the huge benefits that green spaces have on our mental and physical wellbeing. Access to good quality green space is associated with lower rates of obesity, improved mental health and longer life. What’s more, trees make our air cleaner by removing pollutants and toxins.

For busy city dwellers, escaping into the wild isn’t always an option, so the wild needs to come to them and Trees for Cities is doing just this. The organisation is greening up our concrete hubs by transforming under-utilised spaces into urban forests and orchards and lining our streets with trees.

What could be better than a bountiful orchard on your doorstep? A beautiful green expanse of trees heavy with plump fruit ripe for picking. Simply by shopping via Spotdeco and picking the urban orchard project, you can make this happen.

We’re working with Trees for Cities to bring urban orchards to a spot near you and we’re starting in Redbridge. The donations you generate by shopping via Spotdeco will help us to transform Goodmayes Park Extension into a tranquil haven of fruit trees that can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. #charitybeginsathome

Are you keen to get involved and volunteer? Click on this link for further information.

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