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Knowing the differences between mattresses is vital to ensure you buy just the right one. Gel mattresses are currently all the rage, harnessing new technology that enables them to mould to your shape and regulate temperature. However, they can be pricey. The next best thing, and largely just as good for most of us, are pocket spring mattresses. Here’s some top picks that have received consistently shining reviews:

Sealy Rosebury Mattress: £849 to £1399
Ideal for those suffering back or hip pain, the Sealy Rosebury mattress is a non-allergy producing posturepedic mattress. It’s been specifically designed alongside orthopedic specialists to properly support your back, hips and alignment while you sleep.

sealy rosebury mattress

Sleepeezee Hendon pocket spring mattress: £449 to £549
The Sleepeezee hendon pocket spring mattress has a layer of memory foam on the top, enabling it to mould to your body shape and prevent ‘roll-together’.
sleepeezee hendon pocket spring mattress
Dreams flaxby mattress, Natures Finest 4000: £899 to £1399
This Dreams flaxby mattress is available in different comfort grades. The flaxby mattress range are made from natural materials that provide good comfort and support and help regulate body temperature. Using recyclable materials, they’re also great for the environment.
The Natures Finest 4000 Flaxby mattress has gained consistently good reviews, but there are other great buys in the Dreams flaxby mattress range with the key difference being the number of springs.
dreams flaxby mattress
Hypnos orwell mattress: £1999 to £2999
The hypnos orwell mattress is made with a blend of wool and cashmere to ensure breathability and a soft, comforting night’s sleep. It contains 3,200 pocket springs for good support and to prevent roll-together.
hypnos orwell mattress
Hypnos milford mattress: £499 to £699
The hypnos milford mattress contains breathable wool layers and 1200 pocket springs that will provide firm support to ensure correct alignment and posture while you sleep. It will also prevent roll-together and help keep the mattresses shape.
hypnos milford mattress
Sleepeezee princeton adjustable firm divan: £1299 to £2599
The sleepeezee princeton adjustable firm mattress, which is part of this divan set, comprises pocket springs and memory foam that mould to your body shape and provide optimal support. You can also adjust its position to ensure the best night’s sleep.
princeton sleepeezee adjustable firm divan bed
Sealy brookshire mattress: £499 to £949
This Sealy brookshire mattress is part of the Sealy posturepedic range that’s designed to give great support and optimal sleeping posture. It’s non-allergy producing and contains 620 pocket springs.
sealy posturepedic sealy brookshire

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