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Bedlinen is such a personal item that comes in so many different styles and fabrics. But let’s face it, how many of us fully understand what Egyptian cotton actually is and what a thread count means? Heirlooms, a maker of luxury sheets, is here to shed some light.

What to look for when picking the perfect linen? The fabrics we use at Heirlooms are all pure Egyptian cotton – grown in Egypt, woven in Italy and manufactured in the UK. Egyptian cotton is the best cotton to use because of its ability to produce extra-long fibres. These fibres produce thread or yarn that is thinner than other cottons, but despite being thinner these yarns are stronger and can be used more per inch of material which creates the luxurious feel.

That leads us to the thread count. We range from 200tc to 1000tc – in percales and sateen. A sateen is a soft fabric with a mercerized finish (heat process that gives the sheen), whereas a percale fabric is firm and smooth with no gloss. The sateen fabric is easier to iron, whereas the percale fabrics tend to crease a lot easier. A touch test is a must if you are unsure of how to approach the thread count area – feel the fabric, and you will know straight away which one is right for you. Our most popular fabric is without a doubt the 570tc cotton sateen, the double twist yarn makes it slightly thicker, durable and very easy to care for.

Once the fabric has been picked it’s the colour and the finishing style. Do you want something modern and simple or are you looking for something more decorative and pattern heavy, either can make an impact either individually or mixed together. The colour is key, with white or cream bedlinen being the most popular base colours.  People often then choose to add in colour with an inset border, piping or embroidery bringing the whole room together.

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Heirlooms offers a bespoke design service. We work with interior designers, owners and crew every day to help customers turn their perfect linen designs into reality.

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