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Perhaps you have already incorporated some gold or brass accents using decorative accessories, smaller pieces of furniture, kitchen and bathroom hardware, and metallic lighting.  You have not yet exhausted all of the options!  There are stunning metallic paints and wallpapers available.  Imagine your bookshelves getting a new lease on life with backs papered in a metallic grasscloth that really make your shelves, books, and accessories pop!  With shelving you can go the extra mile as there will be objects breaking up just how much paint or paper is on view.  For full floor to ceiling walls there are many lovely wallpapers on offer that have just a hint of metal.  Don’t be put off by the thought of a shiny brass expanse – this is not what we’re going for.  Often it’s about a bit of detail that catches the light and really adds that extra element to your space.

When creating a colour scheme that works well with metallics, one is traditionally taught that warm metals work best with warm colours and cool metals work with cool colours – for example, the classic pairing of red and gold.  But depending on what type of effect you are looking for, I think a warm metallic can go with just about anything, and can lead to various results.  For example, navy blue is not a warm colour, but gold goes perfectly well with it and looks incredibly smart.  In fact, I would argue that gold works particularly well with deep, rich and dark hues that have some blue in them – whether it be blue gray, navy, plum, or the like.  This is due to the fact that gold is in essence an orangey yellow, and orange is the opposite to blue on the colour spectrum.  The two colours bounce off each other and bring out the best of what each has to offer.

Tying together a new metallic scheme with certain colours can also be done by working with what you already have.  Elevate your existing lampshades and cushions by embellishing with a new golden  fringe or trim (it’s up to you whether to brave the glue gun or entrust this work to a professional who really knows what they’re doing).  If you have plain curtains consider adding a decorative border to the leading edge.  Adding a border or other trim can also be used as a method for getting the drop just right on shop bought bed valances which often come up frustratingly short.  Custom trimmings make furnishings unique and immediately look more expensive.  A touch of gold can really take these items to the next level, helping to marry existing items with new warm metallic pieces and ensuring a cohesive scheme.

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