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Gold Papers Resized

They’re back…. brass and gold accents are taking centre stage as chrome finishes move to the rear seat after years of dominating the interiors market.  It has been ages since we’ve seen modern kitchens and bathrooms with brass hardware but this season it’s difficult to read an interiors magazine without coming across the golden glow of yellow metals.  Yes, I like a polished chrome knob, but there’s something glamorous about a brass recessed pull on a dark grey kitchen drawer.  If your units have no hardware, then why not hang brass pendant lighting over a kitchen island – a great way to carry the theme, and your eye, upwards.

White cloakrooms and bathrooms can be given a new lease on life with the addition of gold coloured hardware and wall sconces.  No amount of under floor heating can keep an all white ensuite from feeling a bit cold and sterile.  Be bold and opt for some brass fittings and fixtures – the result will be instant glamour!  And if you want to take it a step further, there are many different warm metallic tiles on offer at the moment.  These are used best as a feature wall or in a defined area such as above a sink vanity, unless you are really “going for the gold”!

This welcoming trend has now moved past the kitchen and bath and is one which can be embraced in all areas of your home.   Don’t fear, the golden accents of today are far from old fashioned.  You may have a neutral or all white bedroom that could be transformed from a safe scheme to one of simple elegance and luxury with a few golden touches.  These lovely metallics will also compliment and warm up many a grey or icy blue living room and as winter approaches this is an easy way to keep your spaces from falling flat.  Why not start small and think of adding a gold legged side table, a gilded photo frame, or a carriage clock?  You can avoid the old fashioned feel by sticking to clean lines and contemporary accessories.  Gold has even made its way to soft furnishings and what better time of year than now to add some richness to your scheme and introduce a gold accented cushion to that reading corner?

If you already have chrome or silver items in your home and don’t know how to incorporate another finish,  you can marry these different metallics by including gold furniture and accessories that have a mirrored surface or detail.  If you find that these gold and brass accents work well in your space then carry on and introduce brass wall sconces or chandeliers with fabric shades to soften things up.  But if you’re not sure how far you want to go down this path, even just a sprinkling of warm metallics can elevate an entire room and will carry you happily through the holiday season.

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