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As a wildlife and nature lover, I’ve always absolutely adored Juliet Travers work and cannot speak more highly of her designs. They are simply stunning – in fact, my Mum actually had some beautiful curtains made from her fabric last year and everyone always comments on them! The company is also fabulously British with the wallpapers and fabrics made in England. Since we last spoke to Juliet about her Safari collection, she’s launched her latest Albion collection that’s inspired by British wildlife, so she’s the perfect guest to have on the blog for our ‘Best of British’ collection. Over to Juliet. (Tip: scroll to the bottom for a code to get 25% off her Safari cushions – great Christmas gifts!). Read more »


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Lombok casts my mind to pearly white beaches, lapping turquoise waters and palm trees slouched with coconuts. I can almost smell the sun-drenched, salty air. Now amble away from the coast and the lowlands are awash with bananas, cacao, rice and coffee and the highlands are cloaked in a blanket of rich, dense forest. It’s an island dripping with resources and steeped in history and LOMBOK furniture and homeware has captured this far eastern magic and woven it into its spectacular designs.

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Interior designers work in many different ways. Some have a strong vision and want to see it carried to fruition. Others have a very unique or individual style that a client will buy into. The way I work, is much like making a bespoke suit. Hopefully it will be a perfect fit, that flatters all the good features and disguises the poor. I literally tailor the house to my client.

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