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There’s a lot of buzz around wellbeing these days as our 24/7, tech-heavy, time-poor world threatens to taint our mental and physical health. We’re encouraged to indulge in yoga and meditation to soothe the mind and calm our stressed-out souls, we’re urged to pack-in sufficient beauty sleep, to exercise regularly, and eat a healthy, wholesome diet.

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OKA Christmas ideas

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I had a gorgeous morning at the OKA showrooms in London yesterday, and I was so inspired by some of their beautiful festive sets I thought I’d share a couple of videos alongside a few of my favourite picks for gifts and for creating a warm, wintry home. They’re expected to offer a site-wide discount this weekend, so now is a great time to plan your buys.

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A smooth-running Christmas is all about preparation and organisation. This means….lists! Print them out, stick them on all the wall and work your way down. Before the big Black Friday (27th November) extravaganza, let’s work out what we have, what we don’t have and what we need. That way we know what we’re targeting in the sales and can get the most out of those discounts coming our way.

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With Thanksgiving creeping closer we picked the brains of Kristina, the founder of Lexington, for some ideas on how to create magical festive spaces. She tells us how to use colours and layers, foliage and candles to weave charm and character into our homes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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artisanti home decr

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I’m not a great lover of investing too much money in trinkets that come out just once-a-year. Instead, I prefer to invest in classic items that evoke a stylish and seasonal ambiance throughout the Winter and dot a few token festive pieces in-between.

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This winter has seen a big key trend towards fairytales, folklore, enchanted forests and most predominant of all, woodland creatures. How many of you during your festive Christmas shopping have noticed a sly Mr Fox captured on a plate or cushion? Or perhaps you have spotted a proud stag emblazoned on a jumper, mug or a placemat?

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