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Now that Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night has wistfully skipped by, it feels like everything-pumpkin flavoured is over and it’s like, suddenly everything has gone full on turkey Christmas mode!

I’m starting to hear Christmas songs being played in the background of stores (Wizzard ‘I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday’ on repeat anyone?) and my local town’s Christmas Market is already juggling busy business selling Bratwurst and German Beer, so it’s only certain that Christmas is just around the corner. Having said that, I’m not exactly a Scrooge! I love Christmas and all things jolly, but most importantly I’ve learnt that Christmas to me is the idea of meeting and bringing people and loved ones together, consuming copious amounts of delicious food and beverages and above all, just having a great time!

For a few years now, my family and I have hosted Christmas at our house. We may have encountered and experienced packing in more guests than we usually anticipate (the more the merrier!) but without a doubt, we’ve had to think of improvised solutions to seating. Just think, a mountain of big cushions from the sofa sprawled out on the floor for the kids. Now, although this isn’t exactly a design solution, it’s temporary, can be easily reverted but it has (oh-so-embarrassingly) become a bit of a habit of ours.

But by making diligent home design choices, you can transform your living room to grow and suit your needs, especially if your living space is small and compact. If you’re looking for a clean and minimalistic style, choose furniture that is mobile and multi-functional as they will undoubtedly make the most impact. Using pieces that serve more than one use, by doubling as storage solutions for example, can instantly create more space for your belongings!

For example, with this Kobo Rattan Storage Stool with Cushion, you can store away all your nitty gritty stuff within the stool and also get a neat seat out of it! It’s easy to move and also provide an attractive additional seating (yes, without the embarrassment I endure of not having enough seating for guests), and can double up in the hallway as a stool waiting for others and putting shoes on. Stools and tables that slot together and put away are great for this kind of thing. The John Lewis Stowaway Nest of Tables can double up as a stool with a flat cushion on top, and can also be used as a small treats table or as a side table for your remote controls. Once the parties over, slot it back into place for your next big event!

Kobo Rattan Storage Stool with Cushion

In my previous post Not Just for Books: Create Spaces with Shelving, I mentioned how effective it can be to use modular shelving units like the Terence Conran Alcove Shelving and Terence Conran Fusion Shelf, Medium as a wall partition, to temporarily separate areas to create “rooms”. It allows you to divide your space, whilst maintaining an open flow throughout your space. Now, this is where the word “temporary” becomes so important. When your lifestyle changes, so can your living space. For instance, when you’re packing in more guests during the Christmas and New Year period into your living space, you can easily move your modular units back up against the wall to strategically open up your space and bring in and activate a clear and accessible spatial planning. Placing the modular shelves against the wall can now be treated as a ‘nibbles and drinks’ station (hooray!) for your Christmas and New Year party!

Similarly, if you want to divide your space but without something as forward as shelves, placing a sofa as an object of separation can be just as effective, especially if it’s an immaculately designed sofa bed like the Dallas Sofa Bed. It’s a great and simple way to transform your living room to a guests room without much hassle, especially for those unexpectedly staying over! By having a nifty bed hidden and packed away into your sofa, not only saves space, but also saves money in terms of, “Hey! You buy a bed, you get a sofa free!”

artisanti storage

Finally, having multi-functional and movable furniture pieces on wheels provides a useful and fun way of space saving. The John Crane Multi Storage Bin on Wheels, Natural Wooden is great for a quick, enjoyable tidy up which can also be rolled away neatly for storage. So, by making diligent design choices to your furniture and spatial organisation, you can pack in more guests into your homes especially during this jolly Christmas and New Year season!

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