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Instead of trudging into work on this cold, wintry morning, what would you give to be heading to a luxurious spa? A blissful retreat from the world, where you can unwind, shed your woes and recharge your batteries.

Most of us wouldn’t say no. Sadly, spas are an expensive way to unwind, especially at this time of year when we’re splashing the cash on Christmas presents. So I say we bring the spa to our spaces and start zenning-up our bathrooms. We might not have an in-house masseuse (though a few Youtube tutorials could help tick this box) but we do have hot water and bubbles, and we can all invest in a fluffy robe and slippers at little expense.

There’s really nothing I love more than jumping into a warm bath before bed. It takes the chill-off, relaxes the muscles and the mind and ensures a great night’s sleep. Merge my absolute obsession with candles (I especially love branche d’olive candles) with my adoration of baths and it’s a match made in heaven. Throw in a good glass of red, the National Geographic and a fluffy towel and I’ll emerge a grinning wrinkly prune a long while later. It feels fantastically indulgent, but it’s so easy.

The best bit of all? You don’t have to faff around putting clothes back on and winding your way home afterwards because of course, you’re already there! Here are my top tips for spa-ing your bathroom, and you can checkout our curated items for all of the Magic series by typing ‘magic’ into the search box.
1) Complete silence
Turn everything off, shut the door and open your ears to complete and utter tranquil silence. It’s quite mesmerizing and so incredibly, ridiculously relaxing. We spend all listening to voices, phones, tapping keyboards and noisy traffic, so hearing absolutely zilch feels weirdly zen.
2) Mood lighting
I’m almost loathe to put this one in as I feel I bang on about it endlessly. BUT. It’s a must. Turn off the lights and burn the wax. The gentle flickering and warm glow just instantly rests the eyes and nourishes the soul.
3) Fluffy towels, mats and robes
Dig out your fluffiest, softest, most indulgent towel and hang it close by ready to cocoon yourself after your soak. Nestle your toes into a deliciously silky mat and once you’re warm and dry, wrap-up in a toasty robe and pop the slippers on. Dunelm towels and bath mats are great value.
4) Uplifting hangings and wall art
This isn’t a necessity but after our introduction to Feng Shui I’m feeling inspired. Why not try adding some uplifting, inspirational and happy quotes and images to your bathroom walls to make it feel less sterile and bland? I already have one that says “A bath of wine and I’ll be fine” – it does make me smile whenever I see it, so perhaps it’s working..
5) Smellies
Quite honestly, it’s just lovely to fill any of your rooms with gorgeous smelling diffusers. Whether it’s beautiful scents that whisk your mind to faraway lands, or clean and vibrant scents that freshen your room, using diffusers instantly adds another dimension to your spaces by engaging another sense. I’m a big fan of Branche d’olive candles – you can see an interview from them here, and lily flame candles from John Lewis are also gorgeous.

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2 Responses to “Magic Monday: Spa-ing Up The Bathroom”

  1. Jo Fleming

    What a wonderfully written piece… I’m running the bath and lighting my candles right now… And I love the idea of messages in the bathroom… Thanks spot deco

    • Louise Downing

      Louise Downing

      I’m about to do the same :)! I’m so pleased you’re finding my blogs useful! Xx


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