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small bedroom ideas

Why is it that small bedrooms always seem to leave a poor impression? I’m not saying we all ideally want a Harry Potter Cupboard Under the Stairs type bedroom, but there are fun and creative ways to maximise small bedroom spaces. Here are my top 10 small bedroom ideas.

The Small Double Bed

Going for a single rather than a double bed instantly enlarges your room. It’s also useful when you fancy switching furniture around or when redecorating. However, if you’re one to love your bed, going for a small double rather than a full double can just make that little bit of difference in order to enjoy that extra bed space.

john lewis wilton small double bed

John Lewis Wilton small double bed, white: £175

Beds With Storage

Divan beds, such as the OKA divan with drawers (below, available in all sizes), gives you instant hidden storage, helping to keep your space much more organised bedroom and clutter-free. Alternatively, choosing a framed bed allows you to place and fit your own style of storage, be it colourful boxes, wire framed baskets or wicker baskets to compliment your overall bedroom style.

oka divan bed with drawers

OKA Divan Bed with drawers, single: £799

Adjustable Wall Lights

Don’t clutter bedside tables or precious floor space with lamps, instead go for wall-mounted adjustable lights such as the Chelsom Metro Light.

cream adjustable wall light

Chelsom Metro Adjustable Wall Light Ivory & Chrome, £288 was £384.50

Wardrobes With Interior Shelves

Wardrobes with shelves and drawers like the KRIPTON Open Shelving Unit, allows room for functional and flexible storage without having to buy each individual item of furniture such as shelves and drawers. They therefore save space and money!habitat open shelving untKripton open shelving unit: £110

Cupboard Top Space

Making use of the space above cupboards might seem like an obvious tip, but using boxes or baskets to store and organise your belongings above your cupboards, is a simple way of making the most out of your space.

Hang Shelves Higher

Hanging contemporary shelves, box shaped and minimal off the walls at a higher height whilst running the length of the room won’t make you lose any floor space, but in fact gain a lot of storage space.

Keep Colours Simple & Light
Keeping the colour palette to just one or two tones, preferably in light shades such as cream, will open your space and make it feel light and airy, restful and calm.

the white company bedding 2

Multi-Purpose Furniture
Opt for double-duty furniture. For example, a small desk that doubles as a bedside table, or an ottoman that doubles as storage and seating. Check-out the Orkney Storage Ottoman.

orkney storage ottoman

Orkney storage ottoman: £399

Natural Light

Natural light makes small rooms appear larger. Make your window the focal point and let in as much natural light as possible – this will make the room feel more spacious and open.

Use Curtains and Fabric to Add Spaces Within Space

Being creative and innovative with the way you organise your room can create “space within a space”. Considering hanging curtains or light fabric from the ceiling to define a particular space, and/or simply section off your “work area” to your “sleeping area”.

anthropologie drapes

2 Responses to “Small Bedroom Ideas: 10 Top Tips for Maximising Small Spaces”

  1. Bruce

    Great post. Your ideas help me a lot, great tips to keep in mind. I’m going to try them out with my small bedroom too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Samantha


      Thanks Bruce! I am so delighted to hear that the 10 top tips are useful for you and your bedroom. Hope it all goes splendidly well. All the best, Samantha


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