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similar to emma bridgewater

While it’s always worth saving up for those little luxuries we truly love, sometimes a bit of savvy shopping can save us our pennies. Here’s a selection of products that look similar to the ‘real-deal’ but cost less. Happy shopping!

Here’s some crockery that’s similar to the Emma Bridgewater pink hearts collection and Emma Bridgewater seconds range, in all but price. The Dunelm cottage dinner plate is part of a wider range.
Emma Bridgewater pink hearts mug: £11.95                                     Marks & Spencer ditsy mug: £8
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emma bridgewater pink hearts                                  marks and spencer pink hearts


Emma Bridgewater seconds polka dot dinner plate: £10.50                     Dunelm cottage heart dinner plate: £2.49
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emma bridgewater seconds                               dunelm cottage heart dinner plate


I absolutely adore Anthropologie and there’s nothing like a gorgeous Anthropologie candle to add that all-important finishing touch to a home. However, they can be pricey, so we’e rooted out some cheaper alternatives below:
Anthropologie Candle, purple: £19                                                         Marks and spencer candles, purple: £5
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anthropologie candle                                                       marks and spencer candles
Anthropologie candle: £34                                                                         Marks and Spencer candle: £25
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anthropologie candle 2                                                                  marks and spencer candles 2
Anthropologie Kebaya mug: £12 each                                                Oka mugs: £36 (£9 each)
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anthropologie kebaya mug                                                        Oka mugs
Dunelm has a wide range of items that are really similar to Cath Kidston products in look and feel. Here’s a selection:
Cranham Stanley Mug: £6.50                                                                              Candy rose mug: £1.99
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cath kidston kitchen                              candy rose mug dunelm
Cath Kidston roses duvet, double: £65                                              Dunelm duck egg isla duvet: £12.49 to £14.99
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cath kidston products                            dunelm fabrics                                                             
Cath Kidston floral bedspread: £145                                                    Dunelm Mill pink bedspread: £39.99
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cath kidston floral bedspread                             dunelm mill pink bedspread
On our savvy-shopper travels we also stumbled across this likeness!                                                             
Oliver bonas bowls: £15                                                                                         Dunelm bowls: £9.99
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oliver bonas bowls                                 dunelm bowls
Dunelm’s country hearts range is very similar to Sophie Conran’s Portmeirion collection in look and feel. Here’s a selection:
Sophie Conran for Portmeirion bowl: £20 to £27.50                               Dunelm country heart bowls: £9.99
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sophie conran for portmeirion bowl                              dunelm bowls 2
Sophie Conran for Portmeirion heart mug: £7                                      Dunelm white country heart mug: £2.49
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sophie conran for portmeirion heart mug                          dunelm white country heart espresso
Sophie Conran for portmeirion heart plate, white: £9                                Dunelm country heart plate: £2.49
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sophie conran for portmeirion heart plate white                                    dunelm white country heart plate

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