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Last month we saw ‘It’ girl and our number one girl crush Gigi Hadid become the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s brilliant fashion campaign. Hadid rightfully opened the catwalk for Hilfiger’s new season collection for the Fall Fashion Week show – and what a treat this was!

Tommy Hilfiger playfully and artistically transformed Pier 16 at the South Street Southport in New York, to a one-off ‘Tommy Pier’ which included rides and a magnificently planned walkway for models to showcase the new collection.

In this new Spotdeco Runway to Room series we are going to look at how we can replicate what we like and see on the runway to our bedrooms and interiors. We are going to explore how fashion design can influence another form of design – interior design. So, without further ado, let’s see how we can get the Tommy Hilfiger Fall Fashion Week Show look into our rooms!

1. Natural + Fresh

Gigi and all the models in the Tommy Hilfiger show donned natural make up and parted wavy hair beautifully tucked behind their ears. Due to the naturalness and simplicity of their look, it’s good to think of this as resembling the base to your bedrooms. Keep the base and walls fresh in your room by exposing natural materials, such as brick walls and wooden flooring, and if painted keep it light with white.


2. Navy + White

Gigi’s oh-so-amazing military inspired jacket shows nautical traces of navy, white and stripes. The whole theme seen across the Tommy Hilfiger collection draws inspiration from the Navy, seaside and traditional sailors. So navy and white, with traces of Hilfiger’s famous red should be used to achieve this look.

This John Lewis Variegated Stripe Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, Dark Nordic Blue (from £45) is the perfect subtle combination of navy and white stripes

3. Ornaments

As we can see, the buttons on Gigi’s jacket are exquisitely placed and more than likely have some sort of beautiful pattern engraved onto the button, making it a special one off piece. Therefore take this idea and introduce small, beautiful gold ornaments into your bedrooms for a unique touch. This sweet Artisanti Tamar Gold Finish Metal Sailing Boat (£103) would be a great addition to representing this look!

4. Mix Textures

Hilfiger styled Gigi with a structured jacket, cotton vest and leather trousers, which creates a wearable outfit that subtly introduces three types of texture. Bear this in mind and use a combination of textures in your bedroom to create an impact. Cleverly mix soft rugs, smooth leather, sparse fabrics, light woods, glossy surfaces, and shiny metals for the ultimate contrast in textures.


5. Lights

Draping light bulbs above the Tommy Hilfiger runway created a calm, ambient glow amidst the chaos of fashion week, whilst staying true to the Tommy Pier and seaside theme. Create a similar effect by purchasing indoor fairy lights and draping them on bare walls. These Houseology Cable & Cotton 20 Ball String Lights (£23) are a cheap and safe alternative for indoor use.

6. Wooden Flooring

What is a pier without wooden decking? –  Especially in this case, Hilfiger’s runway was the original Pier 16 pier decking itself! Therefore keep wooden flooring in your room to its’ natural state. Strip away colours, varnish and polish and let the natural worn floorboards be seen.

So they were six simple ways to achieve a fashion design trend into your bedrooms in this Runway to Room Vol. 1 –  ‘Tommy Pier’ and Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger.

For more, type ‘Nautical‘ into the search bar and see what happens!

Check out more of Tommy Hilfiger fashion over at Instagram @tommyhilfiger

Runway to Room will be a quarterly feature exploring fashion season changes and how fashion design can influence interior design. Check back this Winter for Runway to Room Vol. 2.

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