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As the founder of an interiors blog and website, you’d be forgiven for thinking I had an eye for design. I don’t. In fact, so abysmal is my creative flair that I still drag my Mother clothes shopping with me.*

What did I do then, when I became the owner of a rundown, grimy abode five years ago? Painted the walls white and invested in beige of course. Why? I don’t have my own “style”. I’m easily led. My home decorating mantra was this: keep it clean, bright, light, simple and chic. A neutral canvas, I thought, would afford me the flexibility to switch interiors with changing taste. The result? My home looks like it’s been occupied by 20 nationalities.

Cool Sophistication

Stuck in an interiors rut and unsure of how to reinstate my home mantra, John Lewis unwittingly came to the rescue with the delivery of a brand spanking new bedspread and two cushion covers. If there’s one thing I do know, these items can transform a room in an instant. And they did just that (in fact, so lovely do they look on my bed that they’ve even spurred me to iron my bed sheets. (A first.).

Now what’s so fantastic is that I would never (until now) have chosen them myself. My white walls meant I usually opted for fussy patterns to add life to spaces. The problem is, it’s easy to underestimate how quickly tastes change. Fussy can readily become boring and dated. The absolute beauty of these items is in their simplicity. Stripes are an uncluttered, unfussy pattern that tend to evoke a sense of cool sophistication and elegance.

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The soft duck-egg blue shade of the stripes means they can be paired with almost anything to create almost any desired effect. You can envisage these as much in a seaside villa as you can in a country home. As much in a contemporary city flat, as in a rustic cottage. The fabric is thick and soft, and drapes indulgently over the sides of the bed. The design is phenomenally versatile – subtle enough to be a backdrop, yet bold enough to be a statement. Great for an interiors chameleon like me.

Spring Clean: Energize and Freshen Up!

One thing I never truly appreciated until I edged towards my late twenties was quite how much of an affect your living space can have your sense of well-being. Mess and clutter muddles the mind, dark and dingy depresses the spirit. Conversely, clean and airy motivates and light and bright energizes. As we transition from Winter to Summer, and our souls lift with the longer days, it’s an ideal time to breathe life into the home.

Seasonal cycles spark different desires in everyone. For me, the Winter-Summer axis spurs me towards weaving in a little beach-style fun, or rich warm Mediterranean hues that whisk my mind to sangria sipping sunsets. These items work with both. You can play with them by adding bold and bright accessories such as flowers and vases to your room, or keep it cool and classic with cotton candles, vintage frames and mirrors, and metallic or neutral tones.

In a nutshell: These John Lewis cushions and bedspread are classic, timeless items of fantastic quality, that are versatile enough to match your mood. With ample fabric for the bedspread to just tickle the floor on either side, you also seriously get more bang for your buck. My only criticism is the rectangular shape of the cushion covers — they’re less easy to buy cushions for!

*There must be other people like me out there? That’s why Spotdeco was born!

The John Lewis bedspread and cushions are available in two colours and are from the Croft Collection. The bedspread costs £140 and you can buy it here in natural and duck-egg and the cushion covers are £25 each, also in natural and duck-egg.

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2 Responses to “Review: John Lewis Cushions & Bedspread”

  1. Hannah

    What a fun blog! So well written and I think we can all identify with it! Spot on, and great products from John Lewis :)

  2. Catherine

    I have been looking for a nice wedding present for a close friend – thanks to you I think I’ve found something she’ll love that’s classic and familiar … She’ll love it !


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