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feng shui tips

Weave calm and peace into the home as well as restore your energy and recharge ahead of the festive season.

What is feng shui?
Feng shui (wind-water in Chinese) is a 4,000 year old art, philosophy and science of creating the most healthy, harmonious and energising environments for working and living. Winston Churchill summarised it well, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”

Energy (chi) is the key feng shui principle
Maximising and optimising the energy flow in one’s environment is the key aim of feng shui. Feng shui uses many remedies to boost energy and energy flow such as plants, light, water features, images and symbols, mirrors and sparkling objects, crystals, space clearing, and wind-chimes.

Who can benefit from feng shui?
Everyone can benefit from feng shui by optimising their homes and workplaces according to feng shui principles. By creating a healthy home, people will have more energy, sleep better, have better and harmonious relationships, children thrive and are able to study more effectively. On the work front – good working environments boost profits for companies, create comfortable and stress-free surroundings, reduce absenteeism and encourage staff retention.

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”
Winston Churchill

Top feng shui tips to restore energy and harmony

Feng shui for bedrooms
If you sleep well you’ll wake up full of energy and zest for live. Make sure that you don’t sleep over geopathic stress or have too much electromagnetic smog (dirty electricity) at night. Switch-off your wifi broadband for the night. Avoid metal in your bed and mattress since these can amplify electromagnetic pollution. Ideally, choose organic foam mattresses.

feng shui home

Have a solid headboard in your bedroom. Bedroom designed by Alidad, residential interior designer from London

Feng shui for kitchens

Our energy is created with the food we cook. Feng shui suggest that the best way to cook is on gas, then second best are electric hobs, and microwave ovens are big no-no in feng shui because they can leak radiation.

Energise the bagua of your home

The feng shui bagua is the matrix for different energies in your home. You can energise and activate all important areas of your life with feng shui remedies such as light, colour, crystals, plants, etc. For example, if prosperity is essential to you, energise it with lights and the colour green as well as the money plant (Crassula Ovata). If you want to harmonise your relationship, activate your love corner with an image that will represent what you want (for example, two happy plying animals). If you want more energy, have some powerful and uplifting images in the center of your home. To identify all the key areas – see the bagua chart below.

feng shui house

Love your home
The more positive energy and attention you put into your home, the more it will work for you in return. Get rid of any clutter and fix things, since anything that is not finished or broken can drain your energy. Surround yourself with beautiful objects that make you happy. Simple images such as ‘sweet home’ will make your house into your home.

feng shui tips

Positive images are good feng shui

Use inspirational, positive and vibrant images

Visually you can boost the energy of your home or workplace with positive and vibrant images which will work as optimistic reminders and anchors. Lots of photos of friends and family will uplift your energy too. Bright and vibrant colours in the form of cushions, wallpaper, lights and lamps, etc will enhance and energies your home.

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