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It’s time to say hello to our neighbours. After all, who knows when we might fancy a natter, some friendly advice, a little helping hand or just a cup of sugar. Currently only about a third (32%) of us have a very strong sense of belonging to our neighbourhood. Let’s change this.

We are always stronger united than divided. Happy, cohesive communities foster warmth and wellbeing, while also making our neighbourhoods safer places to live. It’s amazing how far a smile in the street or a wave across the road can go.

As the world grows smaller and communities grow bigger and more diverse than ever, it’s important we venture outside our four walls to embrace the incredible diversity around us and view it as the immense privilege it is.

We can learn a lot from our neighbours and the wealth of different skills they bring to our community. Do you wish you spoke another language? Wish you knew those holiday hotspots away the tourist crowds?

Wish no more! The Kindness Offensive, the world’s largest organisers of random acts of kindness, and Speak Street, a pop-up language cafe offering free language classes to migrants, will use our donations to whisk you away on a staycation. Using your donations, they’re hosting an evening of free food and drink with a global twist to lure you and your neighbours from your pads and get you nattering the night away. The more we donate, the more food there’ll be. Now there’s an incentive. #charitybeginsathome

When: 23rd November
Where: TKO HQ, 273 Camden Rd, London N7 0JN



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