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artisanti luxury home decor

Hands-up whose starting to tire of mega-store domination? As the world’s giant chains increasingly seep into every sliver of our sphere, we’re pushing back. We want to buy local, support local.

We’re becoming more curious of where our products are sourced. In a nutshell: We’re cutting the cords to the conglomerates and craving a connection with real people and real stories.

Artisanti is as real as it gets. It has a face. It has a personality. At its epicentre is one man whose desire to be different led to the formation of a brand that’s dripping in charisma.

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What makes Artisanti Special?
‘Artisan’ has become a trendy word recently. Cafes claim to sell ‘artisan’ bread, coffee shops churn-out ‘artisan’ brews. But what does this fashionable buzz-word really mean? I consulted the English dictionary and here’s what it had to say:

A worker in a skilled trade, a craftsperson; (in later use) esp. one utilizing traditional or non-mechanized methods.
A person who practises or cultivates one of the fine arts; an artist. Now rare.

This aptly describes Artisanti. It’s truly a rarity in today’s automated, techno-heavy world. Take the brand’s current Tribeca Metal Artwork collection that features a range of handcrafted metal wall art made by merging the skills of a metal worker with the flair of an artist. Or look at its mesmerizing decorative panels from the James Park Studio that depict movement and motion.

David Jenkins, the man behind the mission, is filling a gaping hole in the homewares market. The desire for our spaces to be brimming with treasures that have history, character, meaning and a splash of spice. Items that have had an enchanting concoction of thought, personality, flair and love go into their being. The antithesis of machine-made duplicates that now dominate the industry.

What does Artisanti stock?
The season of entertaining is nigh. Our homes are going to be packed with people, so it’s time to pack some punch into them. For a quick-fix look to Artisanti’s extensive range of ornaments and sculptures that include abstract works-of-art, tasteful tributes to nature’s grandest creatures, human figurines and stunning, unique and intricate bowls and vases.

Turn to those walls for another quick-fix. There’s no easier way to add a luscious lick of life to bland, tired spaces than with a striking hanging, and Artisanti’s array of wall décor is enough to rival an art gallery. Collections span contemporary cool abstract, through to grand stags head sculptures, dainty golden butterflies and vintage, worn-looking maps so sumptuous they look as though they’ve been plucked from the cabin of a sunken ship.

artisanti traditional home decor

And of course, dotted between being the hostess-with-the-mostess, the frosty mornings and dark nights make anti-social creatures of us all. These are the months when our homes become our comfort blankets. Make them inviting by adding depth, warmth and character. Take a look at Artisanti’s button-back and chocolatey leather armchairs that you can melt into over a good book. Pile a mountain of squashy cushions into the corner and place a soft, silky rug underfoot. Heaven. Needless to say, Artisanti’s rugs are handmade. A worthy, life-long and timeless investment.

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Of course, I mustn’t forget lighting. Perhaps my biggest bug-bear. For me, lighting can make-or-break a mood in an instant, and I can count on one-hand the amount of times I have flicked my ceiling lights on. Candles, lamps and lanterns are an absolute must if you’re wanting to create a mellow, relaxed and soothing feel. Artisanti stocks all of these, so take some time to have a good old nosey.

lighting 2

Shop here if:
– You adore art
– You want something unique and different
– You need to quickly add pizzazz to dull spaces
– You want to be inspired

The guarantee: You’ll be extremely hard-pushed to find these items anywhere else.

EXCLUSIVE: 20% discount for Spotdeco readers using SPOT20 at the checkout

Get The Look:

Photo 1: Rattan Tub Chair, £500 (Our price: £400); Ikat Cushion, £37 (Our price:£29.60), Small Stone Candlestick, £16, Medium Stone Candlestick, £44 (Our price: £35.20), Hardy Stone Candlestick, £44 (Our price: £35.20)

Photo 2: Skeleton Wall Clock, £62 (Our price: £49.60); Chest of Drawers with Baskets, £548 (Our price £390.40)

Photo 3: Wing Chair, £999 (Our price: £799.20), Beige Rug, £519 (Our price: £415.20), Horse Portrait, £228 (Our price: £182.40), Large Lantern, £143, Small Lantern, £124 (Our price: £99.20)

Photo 4: Large Mirror, £1247 (Our price: £997.60), Small Mirror, £622 (Our price: £497.60), Standing Mirror, £124 (Our price £99.20), Glass Mosaic Hurricane, £129 (Our price: £103.20)

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