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With research strongly suggesting that mobile devices are bruising our sleep, we need to start being mindful of our bedrooms and how we can turn them into techno-free zones of soothing calm and serenity.

Disturbed Sleep, Feeling Lack Lustre?

Research strongly suggests that our mobile devices are disturbing our sleep. The blue light they emit keeps our minds alert, and the buzzing and pinging is relentless. Our obsession with keeping up-to-date on social networks can send our minds in a spin if we’re wired to the web just before bed. All this is having a hugely detrimental impact on the quality of our sleep, leaving us feeling weary and lack lustre. It’s time we started being mindful of this and taking steps to address it, especially as the dark mornings creep in and it becomes even harder to drag ourselves from under the duvet.

Busy Homes, Busy Lives

Over the coming weeks, our homes and our livers are going to take a battering. Descending into frosty winter means we’re going to be spending more time indoors. We’re also going to be doing a lot more socialising and inevitably a lot more drinking. More than ever our bedrooms are about to become our hideaways. Our places of mellow calm where we can catch some respite from the hysteria.
Yet it’s often the bedroom that gets neglected. It’s also the place we need to sort out now if we’re going to have a relaxing retreat to escape to after a boozy night-out, or once we’ve waved goodbye to the last guest. Moreover, we’re likely to be having a few loved ones kipping down for the night, so pulling any spare rooms up-to-scratch now will save you scrambling for the clean sheets at the last minute.

Plan Ahead, Sleep Soundly
A little advance planning can go a really long way. I always have a good tidy of the bedroom, change the sheets and make the bed look pretty before going away, or if I know I’ve got a busy weekend. That makes it ten times more heavenly to return to, and no matter how stressful the journey back, you have a sound night’s sleep and wake up clear-headed and ready to face the day.
For some expert advice on weaving calm into the home, I asked a feng shui expert for some guidance, which you can read more about here. In addition, having worked three jobs relentlessly for many months, it’s also something I’m passionate about, so I’m going to share my top tips with you too:
1) Bedside Tables
Research is increasingly indicating that the blue light emitted from our mobile devices is disturbing our sleep. Grab a stool or invest in a bedside table and keep a good book handy to give your eyes and your mind a rest at the end of the day. Plus, it’s always worth trying to remind yourself to put that large glass of water next to the bed before a night-out.
2) Bedside Lamps
I literally never turn my overhead light on, and especially not before bed. Juggling a number of jobs all at once for many months meant that I too easily went to bed with a buzzing head. Having soft, gentle lighting helped to calm me down and relax the mind. Plus — it’s a massive pain once you’ve snuggled down for the night, to have to get up and turn a main light off! I really love the dorma lynwood lamp.
3) The Bed
White or cream bedsheets are my favourite as these just ooze a clean, crisp and fresh feel. They’re also a great blank canvas enabling you to easily switch styles between seasons. For a cosy wintry feel I’d suggest piling a mound of cushions on top in deep, dark shades of plums, reds and green paired with warm metallic golds and coppers. And lots of them. Pair with a thick throw at the end of the bed that drapes indulgently over the edges. It’s all about creating a squashy, soothing, comforting and inviting den to crawl into. I love the dorma brocatello bedding – it’s fantastic value but looks gorgeously luxurious.
4) Rugs
A rug next to the bed makes getting out on those dark and cold mornings just that little bit more bearable. If you’re feel a little glum or chilly, at least those toes will be nicely nestled in the thick fibres of a warm rug. Checkout these cosy rugs – I love the duck egg blue sheepskin rug.
5) Hurricanes and Lanterns
In addition to bedside lamps, hurricanes and lanterns around the room just ooze warmth and create a magical feel. I like to burn a hurricane or two alongside my bedside light and tuck-up and read a good book. Nothing makes me sleep more peacefully. Checkout these john lewis scented candles or lily flame candles john lewis.

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2 Responses to “Magic Monday: Serene, Techno-free Bedrooms”

  1. Jo Fleming

    This makes me want to snuggle down and stay warm, cosy and sleepy but unfortunately I live in hot climates, have you any ideas for keeping places light, airy and cool… Your suggestions would be very much appreciated… P.s I love the zen article… I’m literally addicted to your blogs, keep them coming!

    • Louise Downing

      Louise Downing

      Lucky you! Unfortunately we live in chillier climes here, but I will definitely consider doing something around keeping homes light and airy as it’s all too easy for our spaces to turn dingy in the dark days — thank you for your suggestion :) Xx


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