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I love a good bargain and no more so that at this expensive time of year. Not only do we have Christmas hurtling towards us, but I have a ton of birthdays in November and December to cater for too. Total bank balance, racking-my-brains for ideas nightmare.

In case any of you are equally as stuck for ideas as I am, and equally broke, I’ve together a selection of gifts for him and gifts for her from Artisanti. May aswell save the pennies where we can huh? Plus, I think the best presents are those fabulous little luxuries you’d never buy for yourself, and Artisanti has tons of them. Note: Our exclusive site-wide discount with Artisanti ends November 10th.

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Gifts for Her

Ornate Hanging hurricane lamp, £98 (using SPOT20, £78.70)
This gorgeous candle lantern would look absolutely magical hung in bedrooms, lounges or living rooms. A great treat and perfect for the winter months.

Elephant Bookends, £49 (using SPOT20, £39.20)
I don’t know why, but bookends are just something I’d never really consider buying for myself. However, books look a lot neater and prettier with bookends and I absolutely adore elephants (as does my Mum) so these

White and gold glass bowl, £63 (using SPOT20, £50.40)

This is a gorgeous, classic, and chic bowl for stowing away your earrings and trinkets. I have a similar one on my chest of drawers that I keep my earrings and bangles in. It’s also available in other sizes.

Wooden jewellery box, £111 (using SPOT20, £88.80)

This is such a gorgeous shiny, luxurious looking jewellery box that any female would absolutely love to receive. I love the dark walnut etched around the sides.

Sandwave skinny silver vase, £106 (using SPOT20, £84.80)

This would look absolutely stunning with a long, brightly coloured rose or gerbera (my absolute favourite flower) sticking out the top. It’s simple and oozes understated elegance.

artisanti gifts for her


Gifts for Him

Antique Compass in a box, £43

If any of the men in your family are as obsessed with globe-trotting as mine, then this couldn’t be more ideal!

Paperweight Clock, £202 (using SPOT20, £161.60)

This is a cute and quirky accessory for his desk that also doubles-up as a great way of remembering the time!

Poker Set, £74

If your man loves a bit of poker with his pals, this is a great gift and definitely something he’s unlikely to fork-out on for himself.

Stitched dark leather cufflink box, £79 (using SPOT20, £63.20)

If your man wears a lot of cufflinks to work and whatnot, help him keep them tidy in a stylish way with this beautiful chocolate brown box.

Silver globe bookends, £79 (using SPOT20, £63.20)

I doubt your man will buy bookends for himself, so these are a great present and I love the globes — that makes them perfect for a travel buff. He can use them to neatly prop up all his travel and adventure books and guides.


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