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Lombok casts my mind to pearly white beaches, lapping turquoise waters and palm trees slouched with coconuts. I can almost smell the sun-drenched, salty air. Now amble away from the coast and the lowlands are awash with bananas, cacao, rice and coffee and the highlands are cloaked in a blanket of rich, dense forest. It’s an island dripping with resources and steeped in history and LOMBOK furniture and homeware has captured this far eastern magic and woven it into its spectacular designs.

What makes LOMBOK special?

Your home should be the showroom of your life, a canvas of your personality and seeping with memories. It’s so much fun to think you’re filling your space with treasures that tell a story, whether it’s something you’ve collected from your travels, picked up from a local market or been given by a special person. This is where Lombok is so extraordinary and unique – its creations have a past.

LOMBOK’s furniture is handcrafted from a wide range of different woods. Imagine fudge-coloured oak, classic teak, caramel-licked mango wood and cappuccino-toned elm. Its reclaimed teak is something of a rescue mission. As traditional, centuries old Indonesian homes are being replaced with modern alternatives, Lombok is mopping up the dismantled wooden planks and restoring them to make its furniture. The beautiful and intricately carved planks are oozing with history so the furniture that comes through your door has a story.

Its accessories are equally magical with lamps made from copper and brass to bed linen finished with mother of pearl buttons. The intricate designs are inspired by eastern and Arabic cultures including Egypt, Morocco, India, and of course Indonesia. Imagine tear-drop shaped ceiling lamps that have been meticulously hand-punched to create small holes that help create a stunning glow. Or rustic wooden bowls that look like they’ve been plucked off the jungle floor. LOMBOK’s decorative accessories are original masterpieces.


What does LOMBOK stock?

LOMBOK’s creations cover a range of trends from industrial, loft-style items made from metal and mango wood, to country and colonial style pieces slathered in a gorgeous cream paint that just reek of romance and times gone by. What they all share is a hint of the east, whether it’s through stunning brass fittings, intricate carvings or once having been home to the sweetest and juiciest of fruits! Yes, mango wood really does come right from those trees that sprout the most delicious, bulbous bundles of joy. Importantly, they’re only used once they have stopped bearing mangoes, after which they are chopped down and replaced.

A smattering of LOMBOK’s candles and wind lights sweeping your hallway and stairs, or dotted around your patio will lift your soul into island life and eras past. Its cushions and rugs made from subtle, natural tones of chocolate and caramel breathe air into dreary spaces, and its silver lamps etched with eastern artwork add a twist of far-off lands. If you want to add just a kiss of eastern charm to your home, its decorative accessories all have an air of spice that tickles the nose.


Is this you?

· You love wooden furniture

· You love furniture and accessories cloaked in culture and history

· You love far-eastern and oriental inspired design

· You want to add a hint of ethnic to your space

· You love original, unique pieces that aren’t made for the masses

….if so, then guess what?! From 1st-31st March we’re offering Spotdeco customers an exclusive 10% discount on LOMBOK accessories. Have a browse through our Lombok Accessories or using this link. Then punch in SPOTDECO10 at the check-out. Happy shopping! Xx

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