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Hi, I’m Louise. And yes my Mum still chooses my wardrobe for me. It’s nice to meet you.

Seriously, as a science grad and ex-city journalist, while I can pair homo with sapiens, I struggle to pair trouser with top. Imagine the turmoil when I had to decorate my first home. An empty vessel of stained walls and scuffed floors that needed a whole lot of matching and pairing. Overwhelmed, un-inspired and time-starved, everything got a coat of white.

To this day I struggle to decode my chaise plonks from my ottomans, my recliners from my gliders (turns out there are two species – one for the air, one for your lounge). While I love a spotty plate and a dash of duck-egg, I don’t have a natural flair for furnishings. What’s more, girl chats are turning from handbags to homewares. I’m the one stuck in flares when fashion’s moved to skinnies.

That’s how Spotdeco was born. To help others like me. We’re here to pair the prints with the products, untangle the Lombok’s from the John Lewis’s and provide both expert and totally un-expert (in my case) observations of what works and what doesn’t. Myself and my brilliant band of bloggers are going to help you navigate your day beds from your night beds (what’s that about?) and we’re going to have a ton of fun building gorgeous homes along the way.

Louise Downing

Founder, Spotdeco

2 Responses to “Introducing Your Home Help(er): Lou Downing”

  1. Jo Fleming

    I heard about this site a few months ago… What a brilliant idea and such an easy site to use! It’s literally saved me hours searching through all the various sites and not remembering which rug I liked best, now it’s all here for me. I never normally ‘comment’ but felt I must as this is literally my favorite site and such an amazing collection all in 1 place. Thank you for making my life so much easier but my pockets a bit lighter as I keep buying!! Love the blogs too

    • Louise Downing

      Louise Downing

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments – please always feel free to reach out with suggestions :) Xx


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