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Hello. Nice to meet you!  My name is Samantha and I’m an Interior Architectural Designer.

When I was 7 years-old, my mum would pick me up every Tuesday from school to attend my hourly piano lessons. I remember how I was always eagerly waiting for the next Tuesday to come along, and how I desperately wanted to show my piano teacher how much I had mastered Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the keys. Fast forward quite a few years, and there I was packing (and cramming!) my whole life into the back of my parents car, ready to take my first step of independent life at university. Little did I know, learning to play the piano for over 10 years had really affected my life choices and in a sense, nurtured who I am today.

Developing skills in thinking creatively and logically in the art of playing a musical instrument, led to my greatest achievement to date. Donning a full cap and gown, I felt like I had finally been accepted into Hogwarts, and with the widest beam across my face like the cheshire cat, I graduated last year with a First-Class Honours in Interior Architecture and Design at Canterbury School of Architecture, UCA.

So, by now you’re probably wondering “What exactly is Interior Architecture & Design?” I have often been asked and told so adamantly, “Interior Design? Interior Decoration? Interior Architecture? Oh! It’s all just the same!”  You know, maybe people are right! All three are related to each other. Without one you wouldn’t have another. After all, they all involve work in the interior. Yet, I suppose interior architecture is about learning how things come together, how things are built and fundamentally the structure of the interior.

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I mean, have you ever thought about how your living room window connects and joins to the walls? Have you ever noticed and thought about why those annoying but oh-so-lovely columns are placed repeatedly in your office? And how exactly does it run through all the floors of the building like that? To briefly put it, interior architecture is about making the most of what is already built and maximising the space. Yes, including those annoying but oh-so-lovely columns. We love the challenge!

See, it’s not necessarily about making a room aesthetically pleasing (everyone loves a good colour scheme!) but also to consider what is practical, safe and functional for the room. This is why, as architectural designers, we think about YOU first; how you use the space, how you scale and fit in relation to the space, as well as your movements and activities.

As a result of this, I like to question behaviour and interaction in spaces, especially when it comes to exploring the relationship between interiors and urban design (ah, we shall not delve into this just yet!). I believe interior architecture is important because it considers the structural and technical elements of a space. It provides a thorough understanding of the existing materials and spatial organisation.

I’m here as a designer and blogger to help you gain an understanding on how to maximise your home and interior space. To make full use of your furniture pieces, so that you can see them in a different light and bring them to their full use in your homes. So, if you’re passionate about wanting to understand your home with a more technical and architectural approach, then please follow my blogs for handy tips about improving interiors through strategical space planning. During this process, we’ll both be learning about how important interior architecture is, and therefore, make lots of exciting uses and design choices to all your lovely homes and interiors!

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