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oka sofa

Long associated with all things girly, pink is having a grown up and sophisticated comeback, no longer reserved for toddlers and teenagers, blush pink is having a moment in both fashion and interiors.

Pink is the new neutral…No, really! Pantone has officially named pink Rose Quartz as its colour of the year, alongside the cool baby blue of Serenity. Rather than overly girly pink that first comes to mind, the blushing pink that is making its way firmly into homewares as well as fashion trends this year is chic and earthy. Think pale, pastel pinks with a soft dusty tone, think of calamine lotion, flamingo feathers and the early signs of a sunset.

Now at first you may not think a colour often associated with a nursery would be so versatile, but surprisingly it is. On walls, sofa fabrics or textiles this shade becomes refined, sophisticated, subtle, and actually reassuringly calming to be around. Its softness can be embraced with other pastels, contrasted with dramatic dark shades, or complimented with metallic hues, such as the soft glow of copper or bronze. If you however wish to merely tred carefully, use this colour in the form of an accessory or accent hue.

It was Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show that had us blushing, with the collection featuring more than 20 shades of the soft pink colour. And the shade not only appeared during women’s fashion week but the men’s 2015/2016 fashion week as well, with it featuring everywhere from Gucci, to Off-White and Pigalle, whose shell pink outerwear I would even wear myself!

So here are some hot pink products and suggestions on how to update and incorporate the latest colour of the year into your home. Tickle yourself pink and add a sophisticated, romantic touch to your living room with this stylish Morley Sofa in Ashby Blush pink from Dunelm. This would then work beautifully alongside this Austin Copper Floor Lamp from Made, and provide perfect lighting for reading.Dunelm sofa

Alternatively soften and add a block of blush pink to your bedroom with this sumptuous Geo Quilt Bedspread in Berry from John Lewis. Gracefully draped over the end of your bed will add an instant luxurious touch, and perhaps take this a step further by adding the matching Geo Cushion also in Berry at the top of your bed or on a nearby chair.

pink bedspread john lewis

Not just for bedrooms and living rooms, blush pink can also work wonders in kitchens and bathrooms. Adorn your kitchen shelves and display units with some pink ceramics; I particularly adore this Light Pink Colour Pop Bamboo Bowl from Oliver Bonas that comes in three different sizes, perfect for arranging and stacking to display proudly. Mix these with their Copper Honeycomb Wine Glasses for added interest and depth.

oliver bonas bowl oliver bonas glasses

Finally, you can bring blush pink into your bathroom easily using towels and accessories. To give some flare mix plain and patterned towels together, such as these Egyptian Cotton Towels in light pink from John Lewis with this towel from Marks & Spencer, which weaves similar shades of pink with a floral print on a white background. Add to this Oliver Bonas’ Pink Mini Gem Vase on a nearby sink counter filled with fresh flowers and you are good to go.

john lewis towels phoebe floral towel marks and spencer

So there you have it blush pink is back all grown up and ready to be taken seriously. So embrace it and get pretty in pink this Spring/Summer.

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