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interior design styles Art Deco Illustration

So far we’ve covered Shabby Chic and Modern Retro interior design styles in this mini series. Now we’re going to delve further back into history, to the 1920’s and 30’s and into the era of flappers, jazz and glamour. That’s right, hold onto your pearls, it’s the Art Deco movement!

This interior design style is bold, exotic, luxurious and holds the grandeur of silver screens of movies and entertainment. You needn’t look any further, everything about the production, set design, music and fashion in The Great Gatsby (2013) film, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, captures this in the 21st century perfectly. This style hints a sense of maturity, an emergence of industrial arts and the Machine Age and a lifestyle of travel and tourism, all of which is confirmed in the details of strong geometric shapes and forms seen in this style.

As a result of this, Art Deco interior design style is usually a preferred go-to style for hotels because it visually and psychologically gives guests a sense of luxury and expense, even if it’s a temporary feeling, it’s a place we we would happily visit again. That being said, reigning in that glamorous Art Deco interior style into your bedrooms can be easily achieved with these elements to ensure that you can achieve the same standard of luxury and boldness seen in hotels.


Floors should be kept minimal and clean in order for the other elements of this style to shine. Laminated dark and polished parquet flooring is just right in creating a luxurious yet basic foundation of contrast in the bedroom.

If you find the flooring overwhelmingly dark or too much of a singular colour, a large rug with a finely intricate Art Deco pattern will help break it up..

interior design styles Art Deco Dulux Colours


Colours play a really important role for Art Deco style. Striking, bold and contrast are three significant words that distinguish this bedroom interior design style from all the others.

Select colours that will draw a dramatic contrast for your bedroom – think rich monochrome black, white, silver and chrome contrasting with pale beige and subtle hints of pink or grey.


Similarly, materials are really important. To portray luxury, materials must be naturally expensive by sight and touch.

Shiny surfaces, for example lacquered furniture, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, glass and aluminium mixed against exotic finishes such as natural Zebrawood, leather of crocodile, tortoise shell, pearl, marble and ivory ensures materials are used in the best possible contrast in order to show the strong relationship between luxury and travel.

If you want to add softness, go for geometric patterns in triangles, semi-circles, chevrons, zig-zags and animal print textiles as they will continue to maintain luxury and boldness.


Stick with natural wood to provide a solid foundation to your bedroom. Polished and lacquered wood in a cube, curved, triangular finish and embellishment makes great cabinets, vanity tables, wardrobes and sideboards.

Think about the scale of the furniture. Unlike the other styles featured in this mini interior design style series, I personally believe the function of the Art Deco bedroom should be kept to its purpose as a bedroom, simply, a room for the bed (much like referring back to hotel room). So don’t fret about selecting a king size bed bed or larger!

Focus on adding a luxurious headboard. Unique headboards can be found in furniture and antique stores. Look specifically for ones with geometric patterns, sun burst, shell-like curves, as they really help to emphasise the bed and remind us that this is a space for sleeping in.


Art Deco accessories is where we really get to have fun and personify the style to suit you. The accessories features what the name famously suggests, art! Think about investing in Cubism style artwork, bold oil paintings and sculptures. Gilded frame mirrors are great and can subtly make the room appear larger, as well as expensive looking chrome figurines collected from your own travels.

Photos, posters or antiques with industrial motifs such as skyscrapers, airplanes, cruise liners will add to the idea of travel, tourism and emergence of the Machine Age.

As mentioned before, textiles in Art Deco pattern prints can add a sense of softness. Use chevrons, zig zags and African prints as cushion covers to break up the block of dark colours.

It sounds like a busy style with all the Art Deco accessories, but in order for it to look and feel like a polished bedroom style, be subtle and selective rather than including a whole range of the accessories.


Sculptural table lamps, such as a female figure holding the ball of the lamp are typical of Art Deco style lighting. Hanging ceiling lights made of chrome and glass with etched, sandblasted or enamelled details adds to the intricate and artistic details of Art Deco whilst providing beautiful, artificial lighting into the room.

Wide curtains, drawing in from the walls beside the window ledge lengthens the look of the room as well as resembling the idea of dramatic.


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