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As an ex-Biologist, I’m passionate about science and I love knowing how things work. Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to how science can be applied to home decor. I’ll be telling you more about this over the coming weeks, but for now, I decided to try and unpick my own psychology to explain what it is about my latest Anthropologie bedding set that I love so much.

As a born escapist and a lover of travel and adventure, I’ve always gravitated towards anything that sends my mind to faraway shores.  For me, home is a collection of exotic memories, a sanctuary that dampens the stresses of daily life and reminds me that there’s a rich and exciting world outside my bubble. My home is full of quirky items gathered from foreign travels and I love filling it with the scent of incense I’ve picked up from adventures overseas.

It’s this dreamy side of my nature that adores Anthropologie. The bold, bright colours often found adorning their bedding and crockery sends my mind to balmy sangria-sipping evenings on Mediterranean shores, or hammock-swinging moments tucked under palms on a South American beach. Their ethnic patterns in warm reds and purples have me fantasising of spiced lands and bustling Eastern markets, far from the boundaries of my four walls.

This latest Anthropologie bedding doesn’t disappoint. As I unwrapped it, the first thing I noticed was how soft it feels – the fabric is incredibly light and slides through the fingers like silk, which makes it perfect for Spring and Summer. The second thing I instantly loved was the giant square pillowcases, which transform a bed from warm and comfortable to luxurious, indulgent and delectable. I can honestly say, hand on my heart, i’ve never seen my bed look so unbelievably inviting!

anthropologie interior design styles 2

The design beautifully pairs earthy shades of terracotta with the colours of the ocean, giving this bedding a fantastically natural, raw feel to it. The terracottas add warmth and depth to a room, while the bolder sea greens and blues uplift and energise spaces as we move from Winter to Summer. The overall effect is to add a splash of carefree Tuscan and Mediterranean interior design style to your spaces.

anthropologie interior design styles 3

A brilliant feature of the quilt is that it is reversible, with two different designs on each side. One side (below) oozes boho magic, adorned with a mish-mash of different patterns. It is striking, fun and dizzy, and instantly brings a room to life.

anthropologie interior design styles 4

My favourite side is the one pictured below. The circular patterns remind me of the designs you often see on crockery in Mediterranean villas and I prefer its simplicity.

anthropologie interior design styles 5

As an 8-hours a night girl and one who loves nothing more than an a quiet early night tucked up in bed reading a book, creating a luxurious, inviting bed is top of the priority list. The giant pillows, silky soft fabric and beautifully natural design of this bedding has brought my room and bed to life, creating a refreshing, charming focal point that I quite literally just want to dive into!


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