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Like a Magpie is drawn to sparkles, I’m drawn to bright colours, so when John Lewis asked me to review their South American, Amazonian inspired ‘Botanical Brights‘ collection, I jumped for joy. As an ex-Biologist, any homeware inspired by nature hugely appeals.

Spotdeco is all about bringing a dose of ‘realism’ and ‘normality’ to the picture perfect world of interiors and while I adore vibrant colour and tropical prints, unless you live in the Mediterranean, they’re not always the easiest items to seamlessly slot into the home. For this reason, I wanted to show how ‘Botanical Brights‘ can be integrated into a real home environment.  So I roped in some friends (who, incidentally, are holidaying in Costa Rica in August) and threw a sunny brunch.

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First-up, let’s talk plates. Historically, I’ve been nervous to stray too far from the sturdy white plate (it does, after all, go with everything), so I was excited to play with pattern. These palm dinner and side plates are a great balance, with the deep, bold evergreen fronds contrasting beautifully against the warm cream. They are ideal for creating an earthy, tropical (but tasteful) vibe at the table, which is just what you want as the balmy, sun-kissed evenings descend.

interior design styles john lewis la selva 2

Ordering these items, I was nervous that the onslaught of green would turn my table into a jungle, so I added some pink. However, the green-on-green actually looks fantastic. It works because the collection utilises such a rich variety of textures and tones. The rustic wooden napkin rings, woven grass place mats, woven green food cover (there’s a matching basket) and olive wood board pull the entire look together. The range of greens, from lime to evergreen and grass green add plenty of depth.

To show-case how the items will look by night I took some evening shots with the candles lit. The citronella candles are not only fantastic centrepieces, but their large size means they’re a sturdy investment that should easily last throughout Summer, so you can wave goodbye to the fiddly tealights. Moreover, the citronella means they will keep the pesky bugs away.

Interior Design Styles John Lewis La Selva

Of course no Summer gathering is complete without a cocktail, and no South American themed table is complete without a Margarita glass. These green margarita glasses are brilliant. Not only are they actually a decent size but because they’re plastic instead of glass, they’re a much better bet for outdoor dining and picnics, so you won’t be having to buy a whole new set after one too many ‘merry’ evenings.

What did my guests think?

Favourite item: Margarita glasses. Love the colour, they’re lightweight so can come with you anywhere and they’re a great size.
Least favourite item: Bubble glasses. Despite being lightweight, they’re quite chunky.

Overall view: Gorgeous colour, beautiful plates, ideal for Summer outdoor dining


The whole look is perfect for creating a fun, carefree and laid-back Summer vibe, instantly uplifting a table and the surrounding space.

: The glassware is ideal for outdoor dining and picnics. It’s lightweight and less prone to breakages.

: The woven grass placemats, wooden napkin rings and woven green food cover add texture and a fantastic earthy vibe. Again, they’re lightweight, yet sturdy, so are also practical for outdoor dining.

: The napkins are thick and durable and add depth through different shades of green.

: The candles add the all-important relaxing ambience (whilst also keeping flies away)

: The palm plates are bursting with charm and character, cementing the whole tropical Amazonian vibe.

So get yourself some ceviche, some tequila and throw a South American fiesta!








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