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Spring is here and there’s no better time for a revamp. One room that can often be neglected is the home office or study, yet it’s the place where many of us spend a lot of our time. Here we will look at how we can update our existing home offices and then how we can use these ideas to transform unused spaces in ours homes into gorgeous working environments.


A perfect way to breath life into your office is by bringing the outdoors in. A plant on your desk is great, but to really make the space pop with vibrancy, use plants as a design tool. Instead of graphics or photos, adorn shelves and walls with plants. Hang baskets of flowers, real or artificial, from the ceiling. Being surrounded by plants creates an environment that makes you psychologically engaged, which in effect improves happiness and productivity.

interior design styles habitat

Another way add comfort to a workplace is by stripping the flooring to it’s natural state, to expose pure wooden flooring or concrete. While carpet was once trendy, it is now outdated and it can be distracting and look out of place. Moreover, it’s harder to mop up any tea or coffee stains!

An excellent example of a fun, energetic workplace that enhances productivity are Google’s offices. They demonstrate how offices can be used to create joyful and organised spaces through different colours and textures. For example, by using yellow in the reception and red in the work zone. Of course, these particular areas don’t need to be garish, but instead they can be used to distinguish different areas. For example, by using single colours on just the walls or only the furniture. It’s all about choosing an interior element and applying it wisely by balancing the composition.

interior design styles habitat desk

So having explored these ideas, we can adapt them to transform an unused space in your home into the perfect study. While the size of the spaces vary, the design approach can be applied in exactly the same way. Here are my top tips:

— Fill an empty wall with flowers and plants to bring light and vibrancy to your room. Opt for smaller plants in smaller rooms and pick your favourite plants and your favourite colours. Change them up every so often to liven the decor and keep it fresh.

— Keep the room in it’s natural state as far as possible by exposing the natural flooring. Just make sure it syncs well with other rooms in your home, so it doesn’t become an excluded room.

— Add bright colours to a section of your home office. For example, a bright red bookshelf or a vivid yellow desk with a matching chair. Or invest in yellow pen pots and stationery. Bright colours are playful and diminish formality to bring a sense of comfort to your home office.

Creating the perfect home office, that boosts energy and enhances productivity, is all about paying attention to the details in order to maintain a contemporary, comfortable and fresh look. Remember to personalise your space and make it work around the way YOU work to achieve the most work efficiency as possible.

Here are some vibrant pieces to get you started:

Habitat Macula range, from £5
interior design styles bold home office

Habitat yellow twin-head desk lamp, £50


Interior design styles vibrant home office

Habitat red folding chair, £10 (available in other colours)

interior design styles red folding chair habitat interior design styles habitat albion


Featured Image: Habitat

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