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The Spotdeco Charity Begins at Home initiative is a great way to raise money for your local community, free of charge, at the same time as building a beautiful home.

STEP 1: Start shopping via Spotdeco

Browse and search across brands, rooms and by product using our search box.

STEP 2: Pick a project & click submit

As you interact with the site, you’ll see a pop-up which will ask you where is local to you, and present you with relevant projects. Simply pick one and we will register the donation amount based on the total value of your basket.

STEP 3: Spotdeco donates

Spotdeco will automatically register your selection and donate to your chosen project, at no extra cost to you. We’ll be distributing 50% of revenue to the projects. If you opted to sign-up to our newsletter, we will also send you project news so you can track the progress of your selection!

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