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dolder final 1

It’s that time of year when all we really want to do is hide somewhere gorgeous and emerge a beautiful butterfly in the Spring. As pennies are often tight after Christmas, I’m running a short series on hotel interiors and hotel decor, inspired by a recent trip to Switzerland. 

Nestled above the city with views extending over snow-capped mountains, forests and Lake Zurich, The Dolder Grand was designed as a place of rejuvenation and tranquility. That was in 1899, and while the hotel has been extended since then, it retains its veil of blissful calm. (Confession: It was cloudy when I was there, so I pinched the photo from the hotel to properly showcase its amazing views!).

he dolder in winter

The hotel has a rich heritage that washes its entirety. It artfully merges old-fashioned grandeur with slick contemporary design to create an aura of absolute luxury. From the moment you step through its magnificent wooden doors, past the original marble pillars and open fireplace decking its entrance, you feel immersed in understated opulence.

the dolder lobby

The array of deep cushioned armchairs, coupled with the soft mellow hues of the cream marble, the rich chocolate-brown floors and golden lamps just ooze warmth and luxury. We took advantage of the comfy chairs by the stone fireplace (at the far-end of the room), after a chilly night at the Christmas markets!

I was initially struck by the bold reds, blacks and golds that adorn the hotel’s dining room (below), as it’s a colour combination I usually steer well clear of. However, the restaurant is small in size and by night the colours work magically together to create a super cosy, inviting and intimate space flecked with that special stamp of luxury. Moreover, just look at the size of those wine fridges – that alone gives it my thumbs up!

dolder restaurant

What I consider incredible about The Dolder is the way it has so artfully achieved striking, statement luxury while maintaining intimacy and elegance, and the hotel bar is no exception. It’s unlike any I’ve seen before and a real marvel. Strung from its ceiling are swathes of hanging candle lights that together twinkle, glow and shine with mesmerizing effect. Again, it’s a small and intimate space so it’s personal and inviting.

dolder bar

Last but by no means least, is the hotel spa – and where I spent more than a few blissfully relaxing hours! Plunging into the steaming outdoor pools against the backdrop of gingerbread houses and mountains rising in the distance was truly phenomenal.


The pool and indoor spa don’t disappoint either, with the pool an unusual, striking black that works amazingly well against the soft shade of the stone walls. The indoor spa has numerous relaxation rooms offering delicious teas and fruit, and jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms. It was heavenly padding around in a robe and slippers hopping from one relaxing activity to the next!

dolder pool

Coming next in this hotel interiors series is a look at The Dolder’s bedroom designs, followed by a blog highlighting some tips and tricks on how to work hotel interiors and spa magic into your homes. Sign-up to our free newsletter to make sure you don’t miss them!

Now to raid the wine stash. Xx

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