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Following my last blog on hotel interiors which explored public spaces and spas, I’m now going to show you some hotel bedroom designs from The Dolder Grand. Lookout for my upcoming blog that will give you some top tips and products on how to weave hotel decor into your home decoration schemes, to mimic something of that gorgeously indulgent hotel luxury!

There’s no better place to start exploring the Dolder’s bedroom designs than with Suite 100, inspired by The Rolling Stones, who once stayed there.


Completely different to the style of the older and more classical rooms, Suite 100 is decked in bright, vibrant ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ colours, complete with a decorative guitar and pink lights flickering in the bath tub. The bathroom is designed like a movie dressing room with a crystal effect ceiling (see feature image).


More to my taste was a traditional suite, located in the oldest part of the hotel. It was just exquisite, oozing classic glamour  with a fireplace, sauna, and outdoor decking boasting sweeping views.

dolder5Two of the things I tend to love most about hotel interiors and hotel decor are the pillows and the bath, and The Dolder had these down to a tee. The pillows were giant square mounds of sinking softness that made the bed look beyond inviting on a cold winter’s night! The bath was one of those wonderfully huge tubs you can sink into to, and it came complete with candles and pots of nose-tingling salts. However, there’s nothing like a bath with a view – imagine the bath below at night, candles flickering, windows opening out onto the dark mystical forest…..heaven!

Coming up is a blog on how to weave hotel interiors and hotel decor into your own spaces to recreate something of that gorgeously indulgent hotel luxury!

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