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hotel bristol vienna bedroom

Today we’re venturing to snow-kissed Vienna, truly one of the most exquisite places I’ve ever visited. The city is dripping in striking Baroque and classic architecture, dotted with sculptures, beautiful parks and cobbled streets. I could chat endlessly about this incredible place, but today I’m going to take you on another hotel interiors nosey, this time in Vienna’s Hotel Bristol.

Have you ever watched The Grand Budapest Hotel? If so, when you think of the Hotel Bristol, imagine an upmarket, more polished version of the Grand Budapest. It oozes just as much character and charm, beautifully hanging onto its rich past.

hotel bristol vienna fireplace

The hotel dining area (above) retains all the original wood from when it opened in 1892. The chocolate browns, paired with creams, yellows and golds give this space an indulgent, luxurious feeling of warmth and intimacy – perfect when it’s snowing outside! To add to its quirks, the hotel still retains its original safe (below), tucked away by itself in a special little room.

lockers hotel bristol vienna

One of the most intriguing eras of the hotel’s history is when it was used as the American headquarters during the Second World War. This pocket of history has left its mark in the form of soldiers rifle butts that are rumoured to be the cause of the big dents marking the banister of the staircase (below).

hotel bristol vienna

The hotel’s suites are very different to those I saw at The Dolder Grand, emulating a much more antique, ornate vibe reminiscent of historic palaces. The most opulent of all is the Prince of Wales suite (below), which at nearly 4,000 square feet is the largest suite in Austria.

hotel bristol vienna lounge 2

The suite contains a smoking study, two lounges, a sauna, gym and two bathrooms and every room is bursting with beautiful ornate antiques.

hotel bristol vienna desk

The bed is truly fit for royalty with its pretty purple and yellow drapery.

hotel bristol vienna bedroom

The back lounge is in contrast to the bold yellows and blues of the front lounge. Instead, this area oozes luxury through blacks, golds and marble.

hotel brisotl vienna lounge

What is so special about the Hotel Bristol is its unique quirks that immerse guests in its deep heritage while retaining the comforts of modern day life. Staying here just makes you want to grab a history book, curl-up and gain an understanding of years past.

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