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My long-suffering family will attest to the fact that I am a born scatterbrain. I’m constantly scribbling to-do lists to try and combat this insufferable trait, but inevitably this means I have scraps of illegibly scrawled paper lying all over the house.

My poor boyfriend has tried to help by encouraging me to write weekly plans, but the problem is my plan isn’t always by my side when an idea pops into my head.

That’s why I try my absolute utmost to be super organised and plan ahead as much as I can. That way, I have less chance of forgetting things and running around like a mad loon at the last minute. Of course, before any gathering and occasion I do still go bright pink and the hair fuzzes out in a frizzy humid frenzy – BUT – by the time guests arrive I normally manage to channel at least a small dose of inner calm, knowing everything is in its place and I haven’t forgotten the mince pies.

For that reason, I thought it apt that my next Monday series focuses on “getting ahead” so we don’t have a crisis fuelled Christmas. After all, it’s a fabulous, joyous time of year when we should be over-indulging on the red, chomping through buttery mince pies and revelling in precious celebratory time with friends and family. Get ahead now, and we can unwind and immerse ourselves in the fun with no horrific last minute panic.

What to expect in the coming weeks?

First-up, we must have a clear idea of everything we’re going to need for Christmas, and all those wondrous gadgets and gizmos that will save-our-skins and make things go a lot smoother.

Over the past few weeks I’ve searched across all of Spotdeco’s brands to dig-out what we may need for each thread of the festivities. I’ve tagged these to keywords below (Christmas Party, Christmas Kitchen etc ), so that you can punch them into the search box and the curated items will appear. I will be continually adding to these as our brands roll-out more and more products, so it’s worth checking-in regularly.

Below you’ll find a list of all these keywords along with a brief guide as to what to expect in each category. Personally, while I love adding a few token Christmassy items to the house, I don’t like investing too heavily in things that only make an appearance once-a-year, so I’ve selected items that I think will work all year round too (aside from the decorations side of things, of course).

Christmas Party

Everything you need to throw a brilliant, memorable gathering. Here you’ll find those all-important mulled wine tumblers, wine glasses, carafes, decanters, ice buckets, bottle stoppers, corkscrews, wine coolers and champagne buckets, drinks trolleys and some utterly wonderful wine gadgets. For nibbles you’ll find cocktail napkins, platters and small bowls and to make your rooms inviting I’ve thrown in festive scented tealights and candles. There’s much more, so have a good nosey around.

Christmas Kitchen

This was one where my searching kept yielding things I hadn’t even considered, so everything you need to make dinner operations run smoothly can be found by punching “christmas kitchen” into the search! Think turkey basters (vital for juicy, succulent meat), roasting tins, meat thermometers, pots & pans, baking dishes and serving bowls. Then there’s unbelievably handy gadgets such an apple corer (for mulled wine, apple crumbles and whatnot), cheese slicers, knife sharpeners and a blackboard (for highly visible to-do lists!). I’ve also thrown in fun aprons and mugs to bring the Christmas spirit to this vital part of the home!

Gifts for Him

Always a total nightmare right? There’s some great ideas in here (even though I do say so myself). For the globe-trotting, adventurous male you’ll find all things map-related alongside handy travel gadgets and gizmos. For the wine, whiskey and brandy lover, there’s fun accessories, wine racks and luxurious glassware that he’d never buy for himself. Then there’s games, burger moulds, drink dispensers, cufflink boxes, firepits (my favourite gift idea) and table-top BBQ’s. Coffee gadgets, a meat sizzler, onion goggles and a camembert baker. And a few handy gardening gifts.

Gifts for Her

So much easier. Think gorgeously indulgent little luxuries you’re always hesitant to spend money on for yourself, but that you’d truly love to receive. I’m talking trinket dishes, Jo Malone candles, silky luxurious bed sheets and towels from The White Company, and beautiful artwork. I’ve thrown in a rocking chair, pretty crockery (yes boys, we all have a favourite mug), travel cups for those early mornings, bookends, windlights (I absolutely love these), pretty cushions, coffee-ware, jewellery boxes and way more! There’s also some juicers and blenders.

Christmas Home Decorations

Here I’ve included some gorgeous Christmas-only decorations that we all love, and also a few other beautiful, warm wintry items that I think will add flair, depth and charm to your homes throughout the wintry months. You’ll find some cute Christmas trees, lots of wreaths, festive spiced candles and diffusers and magical fairy lights. Fill your home with those sumptuous scents of orange, cardamom, frankincense and berries! There’s nothing more warming and festive and you’ll be glowing from the inside-out.

Christmas Table

Of course the Christmas table is where all the munching, glugging, cracker-popping, gossiping goodness happens – so it needs to be special. Type “Christmas table” into the search box and you’ll uncover cutlery, cheese knives, cheese boards, napkins, napkin rings, tablecloths, glassware, salt & pepper shakers, and crockery. To add the glitz and glam there’s fairy lights to weave down the centre, glittery stars to shake over the surface and candles, tealights and candlesticks to set the warm, glowy atmosphere.

Christmas Tree

This is fairly self-explanatory – a collection of pretty hangings for eye-catching, beautiful trees!

Deck the Halls

Punch this into the search box and you’ll see absolutely everything across every category.

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