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I’m a highly visual person when it comes to this game of matching-and-pairing. I’ll buy an entire outfit if I think the mannequin looks hot, and deck an entire room based on a magazine clipping.

As someone who seriously (I mean, seriously) struggles to match-and-pair, I find visual cues such as beautiful photos, the ideal source of inspiration. Quite simply, I cannot picture how items will work together, without actually seeing them next to each other. It drives me crazy and usually means I end up buying nothing, or everything.

Before shelling out your pennies to create a warm, wintry look ahead of Christmas, have in mind exactly the feel you’re going for. To help you along I’ve pooled some gorgeous photos together for you to flick through, and I’ve attributed them to a particular look. Type that look into the search box and you’ll see related items. Whether you want to add a touch of ‘raw rustic’ or go all-out and buy the whole shebang, there are products in there to cover the lot. You can flick back and forth between the photos to get an idea of where and how to place the items to achieve that dream style.

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