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I have always had a passion for textiles, so becoming a fabric designer was a natural route for me to take. I wanted to design and produce fabric that had skill behind it, but would also be accessible and easily incorporated into people’s homes.

The fashions and the seasons are big inspirations, as well as my girls of course.  My inspiration and first design was “The Stork”, creating something unique and truly special for my own new arrival.

When I had my first daughter, Phoebe, two and half years ago, I was looking for some fabric for her nursery and everything was either far too expensive or brightly coloured for my liking. It was then that I decided to design and print some fabric for myself.

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I have experience of working in interior design retail, and studying art at university gave me the skills and contacts to develop what I love doing into fabric design.

When I came up with the idea of making fabric, I wanted to create something original that had never been done before.  I love texture and pattern and I have always loved drawing and colour, but my real passion has always been sewing.

I have sewn from an early age making all sorts of things, but let’s just say I am not a perfectionist and, along with my dyslexia, I always seem to sew two left legs for instance!  When I was introduced to machine embroidery at the age of 14 by my textiles teacher, I knew this was the thing for me.  I continued to use my trusty Bernina all throughout art college and this has now come through in the making of my fabric.

Each image is freehand drawn, painted using acrylics, watercolour, coloured pencils, wall paint – even nail varnish sometimes! – then embroidered and appliquéd using vintage scraps of fabric, before being approved and sent off to print.

I always have sketchbooks full of new ideas!

Today we have a range of fabrics and co-ordinaing accessories for both child and adult interiors.  We are also actively developing new products which will soon be available on our website for you to view and purchase.

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