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Rays of Sunshines

What is life without dreams and memories? Together they form the storybook of you. They shape us, guide us, nurture and comfort us. They give us hope and a healthy dose of escapism. Happy memories and rosy dreams are the comfort blankets we snuggle into when the going gets tough.

For the estimated 49,000 children and young people in the UK suffering from a life-limiting illness, it is dreams and memories that provide strength and comfort, offering a happy distraction from harsh reality. Rays of Sunshine has become their Fairy Godmother.

Rays of Sunshine grants the wishes of children between three and 18 years old with serious or life-limiting illnesses. To date, 5,000 individual wishes have come true, whether it’s a trip to Disney World, visiting Santa in Lapland or meeting a favourite celebrity. They also grant ward wishes to hundreds of children during their time in hospital or a hospice, whisking them away to a theme park and hosting parties, concerts and pamper days.

As we roll-out #charitybeginsathome across the UK, we will be working with Rays of Sunshine to wave a wand near you and we’re starting by granting the wishes of children in South London. Simply by shopping via Spotdeco and choosing this cause, you’ll be making dreams come true at no extra cost to you.

As we don’t yet know how much will be raised, we can’t be more specific about which wishes will be granted, so sign-up to our newsletter (down the right hand side) and follow us on Facebook to hear which dreams you’ve made happen.

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