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denbies sparkling wine

It’s Thursday, it’s high-time we indulged in a large glass of wine. This week we speak to English winemaker Denbies to hear more about their sparkling wines and white wines, what they taste like, how we should drink them and what foods we should munch alongside them.

How would you describe your sparkling wines?

Denbies sparkling wines are produced using the traditional method using noble varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, as well as lesser-known varieties Seyval Blanc and Reichensteiner. These latter varieties form part of Denbies flagship sparkling Whitedowns Cuvee, giving the wine delicate citrus flavours and a creamy texture, making this a unique English blend.

How should we serve your sparkling wines?

Denbies sparkling wines should be served chilled and whilst all are delicious on their own, Cubitt Reserve is a perfect match to creamy pasta dishes and crab, whilst the Demi-sec complements rich fruit cake.

How should we store your sparkling wines?

Ideally stored in a cool, dark place, Denbies sparkling wines should be kept away from direct heat sources and areas of temperature fluctuation, such as a kitchen or outdoor area.

Which is your most prized sparkling wine, and which is your best value sparkling wine?

Denbies Cubitt Reserve 2010 is a blend of predominantly black grape varieties, giving a complex depth of flavour, juicy red fruits and a long flavoursome finish. At RRP £27.50, this is truly a prize wine.

Denbies Whitedowns Cuvée with its toasty brioche notes and length of flavour, is composed of a blend of Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc and Reichensteiner and offers superb value for money at RRP £21.99.

Which is the best sparkling for:

Drinks gatherings with lots of guests: Denbies Whitedowns: RRP £21.99

Christmas Day breakfast: Denbies Cubitt Reserve 2010: RRP £27.50

Christmas Day dinner: Denbies Greenfields: RRP £24.99

New Year’s Eve: Denbies Cubitt Reserve 2010: RRP £27.50


How would you describe your white wines?

Denbies offer 7 still white wines, ranging from dry, fresh mineral styles to our luscious and full-bodied dessert wine.

What foods are they best paired with?

Due to the fresh fruit flavours and pleasing acidity of our wines, they can be paired with a variety of cheese, meat and fish dishes. Due to its ripe peach flavours and slight sweetness, Denbies Surrey Gold (RRP £5.99) goes particularly well with lightly spiced Asian dishes, whilst Denbies Bacchus 2013 (RRP £14.95) has a crisp and elegant structure with melon and pineapple notes, a great match with green salads.

Which is your most prized white and your best value white?

Denbies are very proud of our Bacchus 2013 varietal wine, which explodes with fresh tropical fruit flavours on the palate and won Silver at the 2015 International Wine Challenge. RRP £14.95.

Denbies Flint Valley offers excellent value for money, with a zesty nose of lime, a pleasing mineral note on the palate and fresh acidity, making it a wine that can be enjoyed on its own or with white meat and fish. RRP £8.99.

Which is the best white for:

A winter roast: Denbies Juniper Hill: RRP £11.50.

A cheeseboard: Denbies Noble Harvest 2014: RRP £24.95.

Christmas day dinner: Denbies Ranmore Hill: RRP £14.95.

To impress guests: Denbies Sauvignon/ Bacchus 2014: RRP £18.95.

*Denbies wines are available cellar door and online at . We are pleased to offer customers UK delivery, within 5 working days.


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