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There’s a lot of truth behind the age-old saying ‘you are what you eat’. Today, as many as a third of our children are overweight. Not only is this dangerous for their health, it also dents their confidence and saps their energy.

By joining forces we can help each other to engrain the virtues of healthy eating into the core of society. It’s vital that our children grow-up with a solid understanding of food as a vital fuel that drives physical and mental wellbeing.

To achieve this, we need to step outside our four walls and spread the word. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Trees for Cities to raise funds for edible playgrounds that teach children in primary schools how to grow and care for their own fruit and veg.

Simply by shopping via Spotdeco and selecting the edible playground option you can help to bring these projects to life at a primary school near you! We’re starting at the Blair Peach Primary School in Ealing. Many of their children don’t have access to green space at home, so Trees for Cities will provide outdoor learning facilities to teach them about healthy eating and where food comes from.

Love this project and want to get involved? Click on this link for volunteering opportunities.


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