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Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I can’t help but notice that everything (really, everything) is lit up! I mean, what is Christmas without Christmas lighting?

It’s definitely that time of the year again where we light up our houses in sync with the glowing festivities. Well, we all know THAT one house in our neighbourhood that adorns their house in bright decorative outdoor lighting, which lights up and glows the entire street. This year I’ve started to notice that there are more houses following suit, and it’s almost like the novelty of competing excels another neighbour to take the notch up higher to stand out.

However, indoor decorative lighting can be applied in order to make interiors warm, bright and cosy. Lighting plays an important role in home design.  It turns your home into a place for doing things you love – regardless of whether it’s studying, preparing dinner or getting cosy on the sofa.

Who said lights have to stay on the Christmas tree, or that decorative lighting is just limited to Christmas for that matter? Decorative lights, such as fairy lights, are great for creating a dimmed and cosy room. They are flexible, and can be attached to the wall to create a shape, or placed as a bunch in mason jars to create beautiful and unique centrepieces on the mantle. I tend to find yellow or clear lights the best for this as coloured lights can be overwhelming.

Similarly, owning and decorating your house with objects that include lighting can be a fun, quick and easy way to make a room cosy and I’m going to give you some decorating ideas. First-up, the Star Floor Lamp from Made (see below), whilst large, can be placed on a shelf, on the floor or even hung on the wall as a decorative piece. The style of this decorative lighting is not a generic Christmas style therefore it is also flexible in the sense that once Christmas is over, it can still be used and be easily moved around from room to room.

Finally, without a doubt, candles are a brilliant way to light up a room. They give off a relaxed, cosy and warm atmosphere, whilst providing a wintry glow to rooms. Candles come in all shapes, sizes and scents but I especially love the Yankee Candles from John Lewis, as they have a variety of scents during the holiday season. Burning the Cinnamon and Christmas Cookie scent will automatically make any household smell of a joyful, jolly Christmas!


yankee candle john lewis yankee candle john lewis 2

Here are some lighting products that I think will make great additions to your households:

made starfloor lampthe white company fairy lights


Made – Star Floor Lamp, £139                                              The White Company – fairy lights, £35


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