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Waste not, want not so the saying goes! Here’s one of my cosy Winter decorating ideas – how to turn your old knitwear into festive tealight holders.

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To make the tealight holders all you need is an old jumper, some beads, string and glass tealight holders – they’re that easy! You could use old shoe laces as string, and any tealight holders you have lying around.

There are loads of online shops that sell beads and string, but I bought mine from Spoilt Rotten Beads – they have a huge selection at great prices and they were delivered very quickly. I bought little Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes and reindeer, as well as red string to match with the cream jumper, but you can choose whichever colours and styles you like.

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Simply measure the length of the tealight holder and cut through the arm or cuff of your jumper so that it fits the length of the holder. The width doesn’t matter so much, as you can hold it in place with the string when you tie it around.

Then take the piece of knitwear, pop it over the top of the tealight holder and tightly wrap the string around it. You can wrap it once around or more, depending on the thickness of the string and how you want it to look. My string was quite thin, so I wrapped it around several times.

Next, take your beads and thread them through the string. Space them apart so that they sit all around the tealight holder. Then tie the ends at the back, pop your tealight inside, and you’re done! A cute decorating idea for a warm, cosy home.

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