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I’m not a great lover of investing too much money in trinkets that come out just once-a-year. Instead, I prefer to invest in classic items that evoke a stylish and seasonal ambiance throughout the Winter and dot a few token festive pieces in-between.

Don’t misunderstand me – I absolutely adore Christmas and everything about it, and that includes the wreaths, trees and stars! But instead of filling my home with snowmen and reindeer, only to turf them out again in January, I prefer to invest in long-lasting, classic items that create a warm wintry glow, and then weave in Christmas with a few token, magical items. We’re now into the last week of our exclusive 20% off deal across Artisanti, so I’m going to share with you my favourite items for creating a warm, festive, magical glow without turning your house into Santa’s grotto.

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Candles & Candle Holders

Five Light Candleholders, £49 (£39.20)

Gold glass tealight goblet, £41 (£32.80)

Glitzy glass tealight holder, £44 (£35.20)

Grey glass votive holders, £73 (£58.40)

Copper candlestick, £36 (£28.80)

Gold 5-arm candleabra, £106 (£84.80)

Twisted scroll centrepiece candle, £106 (£84.80)

Lanterns & Hurricanes

Rose gold lantern, £142 (£113.60)

Mini metal lantern, £65 (£52)

Amber glass hanging lanterns x3, £54 (£43.20)

Copper finish hurricane, £54 (£43.20)

For Tabletops and Mantelpieces

Bronze glass coasters x4, £29 (£23.20)

Mink metal barrel vase, £104 (£83.20)

Silk white metal platter, £37 (£7.40)

Sandwave silver tapered vase, £106 (£84.80)

Metal urn/wine cooler, £179 (£143.20)

Decorative silver dove, £54 (£43.20)

Stag sculpture, £49 (£39.20)

Antler cake dome, £99 (£79.20)

For comfort

Square cushion with sparkly sequins, £46 (£36.80)

Square red cushion, £19 (£15.20)

For ceilings and walls:

Owl canvas print, £129 (£103.20)

Crocus hanging lamp, £129 (£103.20)

Round crystal and pewter chandelier, £502 (£402.60)

Teardrop crystal and gold chandelier, £374 (£299.20)

Gold metal hanging hearts, £50 (£40)

Antique gold metal star mirror, £89 (£71.20)

Starbust silver carved mirror, £497 (£397.60)

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