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The wonderful thing about Christmas this year is that anything goes. It’s really about personalisation – creating your own personalised style and colours.

There are a few trends this Christmas. The one that caught our eye here at Spotdeco was the folk art inspired trend.

Folk art is steeped in cultural tradition. Most countries have their own unique style, typically handcrafted and hand painted. It’s also known as peasant or naïve art.

The wonderful thing about trends is they are great for inspiration. So with the folk art trend you are able to choose your own colour combinations from bright primaries to the more traditional red and white.

And if you don’t have room for a Christmas tree, why not consider using your decorations to create your very own tree on the wall.

If you’d like to know the positive psychological meanings for colours, here are a few of the more popular colours to lift the Christmas spirit:

Purple – represents luxury and opulence
Silver– represents elegance and sophistication
Gold – represents luxury and high quality
White – represents all that is pure, like snow
Red – represents warmth and stimulating – bringing your festivities full of life
Dark Green – represents calm, balance and harmony

So if you’re looking to try out something new this Christmas, the wonderful world of folk art might just be for you!


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