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With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, we’re seeing red everywhere. From the bouquets of flowers, clothing through to home accessories. It might be big business but don’t let that spoil your romantic mood.

Want to feel the love at home? Then nothing can be easier than bringing your colour of love into your home.

Pink is the colour that represents the more gentle feminine love. Caring, nurturing. It’s the colour that says cuddles and hugs.

The colour that has come to symbolise Valentine’s Day is of course red. This is more the male energy communicating passion and excitement. No surprise men are attracted to this colour and why they give red flowers.

Another colour you might like to consider are the pinkish peach and apricot tones. A colour that communicates the fun, playful, ‘sensual’ side of love.

If you’re looking at how to bring your love into your home, here’s three quick ways:

1. Setting the scene
Think about the mood, the atmosphere you want to create. If you want to make it a sensory experience think about touch, smell, sound and taste. Turn down the lights or perhaps use candles or tea lights to create romantic mood lighting.

2. Colour of love
Choose your Valentine’s colour. It could be a bold statement or subtle with accent touches. Don’t be shy to express how you feel through colour.

You might just find the colour/s you pick, communicate far more than you can ever express.

3. Bring the colour in
If you don’t want to make lasting changes then a few well-placed accessories is all you need. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to do a lot. Here ‘less is more’.

If you’re a budding artist, think about purchasing a large canvas and create your own ‘love’ masterpiece.

Then there’s flowers. Why wait… what a great excuse to bring in the love by buying (or hinting for) bunches of flowers in your favourite colour of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day xx

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