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Flowers instantly breathe life into spaces and really add the finishing touch to your rooms. Artificial flowers are the way forward – a one-off investment, they require no watering and can transform a space.  Here’s a guide on how to match flowers to interior design styles, so you can quickly see the best arrangements for your rooms.

The shabby chic home oozes character and charm, merging pretty pastel shades with delicate floral designs, lovely laces and rustic, worn vintage finds. The base is often white, with colour pops of dusty pinks and blues, duck-eggs and faded greens. Delightfully feminine, bright and breezy.

Flower Match? Play with the shabby side of chic and have fun mixing-and-matching different varieties and colours. Go for rainbow shades of peonies, roses, ranunculus, hydrangeas, daisies, sweetpeas and irises.

interior design styles shabby chic    interior design styles shabby chic

Photo credit: Laura Ashley & OKA Direct

Scandinavian style is known for being functional, practical and clutter-free. Homes often feature white walls, light wooden floors and clean lines of furniture in cool shades. Colour pops are added through minimal accessories, and Scandinavians like to bring the outdoors in, so natural woods are often used.

Flower Match? Bring nature in with lots of greenery. Go for cacti, spider plants, rubber plants and aloe vera or plain bare branches paired with white flowers such as potted Phalaenopsis orchids and magnolias.

scandinvian interior design styles   interior design styles scandi flowers
Photo credit: & OKA Direct

The coastal look is clean, crisp and fresh. Typical coastal-style homes play with shades of blues and whites, and lots of stripes! Accessories are often made from materials in their raw state and include wicker, rattan and worn or reclaimed woods.

Flower Match? The light and airy feel of a coastal home should be matched with fresh, striking floral arrangements. Go for blue, cream and purple hydrangeas, white or blush-coloured roses, sunflowers and purple carnations. Daisies and colourful anemones also work well.

interior design styles coastla 2    interior design styles coastal
Photo credit: The Lexington Company & OKA Direct

Art deco style is dripping in opulence, decadence and glamour. It uses rich velvet fabrics, dark-coloured woods and carved or inlaid furniture. Accessories are ornate and soft furnishings use strong geometric lines. A typical colour palate is awash with golds, purples and blacks.

Flower match? Steer clear of the dainty and delicate and keep the floral touch light. Go for calla lillies, hydrangeas, potted Phalaenopsis orchids or Anthuriums (oilcloth flowers) in whites or reds, birds of paradise, dahlias or house plants such as the Sansevieria (snake plant).

interior design styles art deco    art deco interior design styles
Photo credit: Houseology & OKA Direct

The Provencal farmhouse look brims with laid-back, rustic charm that aims to seamlessly tie indoors with out. It’s characterised by large flagstone floors, big wooden shutters and shades of duck-egg blues, washed-out greens and neutral beiges, greys, browns and whites.

Flower Match? Flowers should match the carefree, balmy ambience of Provencal life. Go for brightly coloured carnations, tulips and sunflowers, or big bunches of pretty purple hydrangeas and fill your home with the aroma of the Provencal countryside with some lavender bushes.

interior design style french farmhouse    interior design styles lavender

Photo credit: OKA Direct
Traditional French country homes merge the laid-back, earthy Provencal look with a more luxurious feel. While they use similar colours, traditional French country homes opt for deeper, richer shades. They weave in ornate carved furniture, gold accents, chandeliers and elegant curved lines such as chaise longues.

Flower match? The bolder nature of French country homes enables you to use sturdier, more imposing styles. Go for pinks, purples and whites including delphinium, gladiolus, ranunculus, magnolias, hydrangeas and orchids.

interior design styles french country flowers    interior design styles french country

Photo credit: OKA Direct

Spun-out of the 1950’s when post-war homeowners were yearning for modern, futuristic spaces, the mid-century modern style is open, airy, slick and simple. Walls are often coated with white to show-off high-quality furniture made from top notch woods. Sunburst mirrors, metal wall plaques, bold lighting and graphic fabrics are typical of this style.

Flower Match? Opt for bold, statement flower varieties and green house plants. Go for gerberas or tulips in bold shades of oranges, reds, and pinks, yellow Forsythia stems, or plants such as Chinese evergreens, Dracaena, cacti and snake plants.

interior design styles mid cent mod    interior design styles mid cent mod flower
Photo credit: Marks & Spencer & OKA Direct

Eastern decor is characterised by lots of ornate lanterns and lamps, elaborate fabrics in bright colours and vibrant designs, and intricate carvings. Accessories include mother of pearl in-laid items, and lots of candles, cushions and rugs. It’s diverse and exotic, yet laid-back and relaxed.

Flower Match? Ethnic decor is flowing and spontaneous and rich in colour and textures. Go for potted cream Phalaenopsis orchids, or small citrus trees such as lemon or orange trees. Plants including snake plants, spider plants and rubber trees work really well, as do peace lilies (Spathiphyllum Chopin) and the larger Howea forsteriana palms (Kentia palm).

interior design styles ethic    interior design styles ethnic flowers
Photo credit: Anthropologie & OKA Direct

A rustic interior uses materials in their raw state from natural rocks to worn woods. It incorporates rich dark leathers and warm wools and fabrics. Patterns include tartan and animal print and the whole look emulates warmth and cosiness. Colours are focused around deep tones of browns, reds and beiges.

Flower Match? The aim is to maintain a raw earthy feel. Go for green bare branches paired with white orchids and magnolias and bunches of berries, such as rose hips. Plants such as Dracaena, spider plants also work well.

interior design styles rustic flowers    interior design styles rustic
Photo credit: The Lexington Company & OKA Direct

Anything goes with Boho! This look is a carefree mis-match of old and new, weaving an elaborate array of intricate patterns and designs. It’s disorderly and relaxed, often featuring lots of drapes and layers, lanterns and lights, and colourful fabrics.

Flower Match? Mix-and-match! Opt for bright, cheery colours and lots of house plants. Tulips, sweetpeas, sunflowers and peonies make great options and houseplants including spider plants and rubber trees work well.

interior design styles boho    interior design styles boho flowers

Photo credit: Anthropologie & OKA Direct

Industrial style shuns colour and is minimalistic with rough and ready finishings. Homes often have large metal window frames, exposed brickwork and recycled furniture. Industrial homes often include statement lighting such as low-hanging pendants and naked bulbs, and colours are neutral and monochrome.

Flower Match? Steer clear of pretty floral arrangements and opt for subtle accents and houseplants. Go for white flowers such as white potted Phalaenopsis orchids, lilies, hydrangeas and magnolias and houseplants including spider plants and larger Howea forsteriana palms.

interior design styles industrial    interior design styles industrial flowers
Photo credit: Dunelm & OKA Direct

This is where old meets new, giving classic lines a modern edge. It’s fresh, bright and timeless, weaving traditional furniture styles into a contemporary backdrop. It’s less ornate and fussy than a true classic style, though it works to similar colour palates, making use of warm metallics, woods and cool shades.

Flower Match? Fresh, vibrant and rejuvenating is the name of the game. Go for classic flower varieties such as magnolias, peonies, hydrangeas and orchids in subtle shades of creams, whites, blush pinks and dusty blues and purples.

interior design styles contemporary classic    interior design styles contemporary classic flowers

Photo credit: Houseology & OKA Direct

Classic homes have an air of history about them, utilising ornate, carved woods in dark tones, elegant fabric patterns and natural colours and materials. They often incorporate symmetry in the furniture layout by focusing around a main feature such as a fireplace. Colours are often light and neutral creams, browns, golds, greys and beiges.

Flower Match? Aim for elegance. Whites work very well so orchids, magnolias, white peonies, hydrangeas and lilies are good options.

interior design styles traditional    interior design styles traditional flowers

Photo credit: Houseology & OKA Direct


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