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Did you know Newgate Clocks is based in an old renovated Laura Ashley unit? Everyone has a 1940’s style desk with a vintage alarm clock by their side (jealous, us?) and there’s an office dog called Badger.

For this week’s ‘Best of British’ we’re handing the blog over to Newgate to hear more about the inspiration behind their designs, their favourite gift ideas and what great things we can expect to see coming. Over to the lovely team at Newgate..

Time is a fascinating subject, one that touches upon every part of our day to day lives, and at Newgate we’re lucky enough to make the instruments which measure it.Back when we first started making clocks the interior world was full of very small, ordinary, functional looking timepieces. At Newgate we felt that products which measured the time needn’t be just useful, but could also be stylish, contemporary, and large in scale.

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We wanted to make clocks that became centrepieces of the rooms in which they were hung, and could be integral to ‘the look’ of the interior, whether that be a classic Georgian townhouse, a contemporary loft apartment or a quirky Victorian semi packed to the rafters with vintage finds. We started doing something very different, and today our clocks are hung in boutique hotels, hip restaurants and trend-setting interiors the world over.

As a British company we’re hugely proud to be able to play a small part in keeping British design on the map. You only have to walk the streets of London or any other major British city to see examples of some of the remarkable architecture this country has produced, and the same goes for Great British product design.

British design of the 1940’s and 50’s, in particular, is a constant source of inspiration when we’re designing our new collections. The forties, especially, was the first time designers really started to loosen up and design became more cool and casual. It was all about making functional products from simple but great quality materials, and things started to get really stylish.

One of our most iconic clocks, the Electric, is inspired by the old 1950’s municipal clocks which used to be commonplace in factories and public buildings across Britain half a century ago. Their retro dials and distinctive deep cases have become cult classics, and serve to illustrate how simple but handsome good looks can weather any fashion or fad.

When it comes to Christmas gifting, we think our Covent Garden alarm clocks are the perfect British classic to wrap up and place under the tree. Our new collection, in soft matte pink, grey or linen white, is a contemporary twist on the traditional bedside alarm and the ideal finishing touch to any interior.

This Christmas also marks Newgate’s first foray into the fashion arena, with the launch of our signature watch collection, Newgate Watches.

Inspired by the same DNA as our clock brand, many of the watches are miniaturised versions of our most iconic clock styles, shrunken in scale to allow them to be strapped to stylish wrists, whilst others share retro or vintage influences drawn from the Newgate DNA.

Just as our clocks are designed to become the centrepiece of a room, our watches are designed to be the feature piece of an outfit, retaining the visual impact and boldness of design Newgate are most renowned for.

With a collection of 49 unisex watches to choose from, you might have to leave space for more than just one on your Christmas wish list!


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