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Mindfulness is becoming something of a buzz-word these days. We’re encouraged to be mindful of what we eat, mindful of our bodies, mindful of our mental state. It’s a trend I’m a huge fan of. The rise in mobile devices and mass-made produce is playing havoc with our wellbeing, and I strongly believe in the importance of looking inwards and adjusting our behaviour to enhance our mood.

There’s one area that’s been left off the list. Mindfulness in our spending. We live in a fast-paced, consumer-driven world of high-turnover and huge waste. The rise in mega-markets offering cheap-as-chips products, coupled with the surge in social networks that constantly display the perfect lives of others, has left us desperate to clock in to the latest trend. Gone are the days of saving up for something special, of being loyal to local.

While mega-markets certainly have a strong and worthy place in society, it’s our eagerness for the latest bargain that’s started to erode community spirit, by crowding out the smaller, more niche players. We’re certainly starting to see a re-emergence of the local butchers and bakers who add that personal touch to our experience, but I say we start applying a dash more mindfulness to where and how we shop, and there’s no better time than in the season of joy and love.

Why Buy British?

Cast your mind back to that fabulously hilarious and heart-warming sitcom, “Friends”. What made it special? For me, it evoked the importance of familiarity in our lives. Deep social interactions, being needed and loved are fundamental to our sense of wellbeing. I grew up hoping that one day I too would be able to return from a bad day in the office to a bunch of my besties curled on squashy sofas in our ‘local’. Or that a frazzled, morning-after-the-night before me, would march into my “local” and the barista would know my “regular” brew.

It’s this sense of locality and familiarity that we need to nurture. Our fellow countrymen doing amazing endeavours need our support and our loyalty. After all, by backing British we’re supporting all the people, workers, friends and neighbours around us that make our communities what they are. We’re nourishing the economy from the inside-out. What’s more, we live in a country where workers are treated fairly and human rights are respected. Investing in home-grown goods means we’re a little less likely to be pushing our pennies into sketchy supply chains.

Everyone needs to belong somewhere, and we Brits all belong here in our homeland. So let’s start extolling its virtues and remembering what we love about it. After all, nowhere does cream tea like we do. Nowhere knows how to stir-up a Pimms like us. Sunday roasts, Cheddar cheese, Cornish fudge, cricket and rugby – yes, we invented all of these too. It’s time we helped our nation to flourish in the modern age.

That’s why, over the coming weeks, I’m going to be opening the blog to Spotdeco’s beautifully British brands from bluebellgray to Newgate Clocks. There’s a few other (hint) sparkly little surprises coming too. So this Christmas, let’s fill our homes with items washed in character and charisma, in the warm fuzzy knowledge that we’ve helped British business to thrive.

Tell us what you love about your homeland with our “Best of British” #BOB

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