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Last week we looked at the popular trend of incorporating dogs and horses into a classic interior scheme.  This week we focus instead on woodland creatures and how they can add a quirky personal touch to our homes.

Since Victorian times Brits have had an interest in bringing the natural world indoors, and the current version of this trend is especially helpful in creating a warm and cosy mood this winter.  Fox, deer, hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels and other critters have found their way into a variety of fun cushions and fabrics.  My current favourites are those accessories depicting antlered deer and moose.  A couple of stag cushions and deer ceramics on the table are easily integrated into a neutral scheme and provide a great way to add winter interest that extends well beyond the Christmas holidays.  This seasonal touch can easily be swapped out in the spring or summer if you fancy a change of scene.

If you are keen on making these creatures a year round fixture in your home it’s easily done as they feature not just in soft furnishings but also in many three dimensional animal accessories.  Readily available are fabulous critter coat hooks, knobs, book ends, door knockers, lamps, doorstops, and pieces of art.  There is a wide range of finishes – some perfect for a child’s bedroom or gender neutral nursery – others more sophisticated and well suited for your entry or living room.  These woodland accents can work especially well with faux fur throws, sheepskin rugs, or other woolly accents.

The trend extends even further to the kitchen and there is no end of the fun one can have with accessorising kitchen countertops as well as the table.  Why not indulge in a cutting board in the shape of a fox’s face?  Or animal inspired tea towels, biscuit tins, and the like?  When it comes to setting the table there is no end to your options.  Woodland animals can be found on a variety of table linens, place settings, and other amusing table accents.

There is something innocent and unique in adding these woodland critters into our decor and is the perfect way to add an unusual finishing touch.

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